[sustran] Car Busters Bulletin on [sustran-discuss]

Car Busters info at carbusters.org
Mon Aug 4 23:50:43 JST 2003

Dear [sustran-discuss] recipients,

On our own initiative, we at Car Busters/World Carfree 
Network just removed sustran-discuss from the recipients 
list of our monthly e-bulletin. It seemed not the most 
appropriate use of the sustran listserve.

Therefore, individuals who want to receive the bulletin 
(one e-mail per month) should simply send a message to 
carbusters_bulletin_eng-subscribe at lists.riseup.net. (See 
our website for info on other language versions.)

Also, in response to Thomas Krag's recent message, for 
those who are interested, we have contacted our credit card 
service provider to have them remove the VAT taxes that 
have recently started appearing on orders. Apologies, and 
we'll try our best to have the charges reversed.

Best wishes,
The Car Busters/World Carfree Network team


Kratka 26, 100 00 Prague 10, Czech Republic
tel: +(420) 274-810-849 - fax: +(420) 274-816-727
<info at carbusters.org> - <http://www.carbusters.org>

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