[sustran] News from Israel Meeting

Paul Barter tkpb at barter.pc.my
Fri Aug 7 10:46:33 JST 1998

Charlie Richardson wrote:

>I'm very interested in the message below, and interested also in the
>A SEED list mentioned.  Does anyone have an email address for Ecopeace
>Middle East Environmental NGO Forum, and the address of A SEED?

I think the email address for Ecopeace Middle East Environmental NGO Forum
must be  <ecopeace at netvision.net.il>.

The ASEED list information is below:

>The aim of this  list is...
>    "to discuss preparation & programme for the A SEED Europe
>    Transport Seminar in Budapest (November 17-23 1997), which will
>    focus on the expansion of non-sustainable transport infrastructure
>    in Central and Eastern Europe, and the possibilities to oppose
>    this expansion through actions"

>Further questions about the aim and use of this list can be sent to
>frank at aseed.antenna.nl. Questions on technical matters can be sent to the
>listowner,  gerbrand at oudenaarden.nl.

Best wishes,
Paul Barter

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