現在 で公開されているメーリングリストは以下の通りです. リスト名を選択すると, 詳しい説明や入会・退会の方法, 会員オプションの変更方法などが記載された案内ページに移動します. 表示されていないリストの総合案内のページへの移動は, このページの URL に '/' とリストの名前 を付けたURLを開いてください.

リスト管理者はリスト管理一覧ページ で自分の管理ページを探してください.

リストの利用に関するトラブルは, 次の宛先に連絡してください:

リスト 説明
2001yakuin to exchange the information related to PF2001JP
AML Alternative Information for People's Movements Mailing List
Asialink-conf [説明なし]
Asialink-pgp Asialink PGP users
change-sdpj [説明なし]
Choku Chokusetsu minshushugi undo
Cns-ml Internal mailing list of CNS
Domoto 堂本暁子なの花日記
Dreamery deep ecology, animal, media, native, volunteer, etc.
Fem Feminist Women's movements Network in Japan
Fem-events gatherings & events on women (mainly in Japanese)
Fem-general resources & discussion on women's issues (Japanese)
Fem-ml-staff contact between fem-net-ML-administrators
Fem-vaw About Violence against Women (mainly Japanese)
Fujimori_trial Fujimori case on trial Mailing List
Hakuraku Tohoku Univ Gakuyuu-Kai OB,OG ML
Ican-ml mailing list for members and cooperators of ICAN
In-snpo Saitama NPO Center for management
Interdoc99-logistics To exchange all logistical details for Indonesia workshop '99.
Jca-announce Information for the JCA members (members only)
Jca-news Information from JCA
Jca-talk General Talk for JCA Members (members only)
Jcanet-g-ace ACE staff meeting
Jcanet-g-war-resp war reponsibility
jcanet2004 JCA-NET正会員用
Jicrcml discusing childrens' rights
Kanshi-soudan Steering committee for
Kenpo Informations of the Japanese Constitution issues
Maintenance JCA-NET メンテナンス/障害情報
Mirai-ml Mirai Bank internal mailing list
Oknet Network for the freedom of wild dolphins and orcas
P-nml Forum of Peace-News members
Parc-unei PARC Boardmembers' meeting
Parcml To communicate among PARC members
Pdl PDL members
Questionnaire questionnaire for JCA-NET new members
Repp-riji REPP board members
Rodosyayuai [説明なし]
Solidarity-forum For communication between Movement-Solidarity members.
Steering This is the address for our steering committee
Sustran-discuss Global 'South' Sustainable Transport
Webl Web of Life
Wsfj-media WSF2004 Pre-Forum MediaChapter
Y2k-c y2k citizen network
Zenkowan-ml Comunication in the Japan dock workers' union

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