[sustran] New Parking Policy in Mizoram, India

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 A parking policy bite from the Indian far-east -
While a number of Indian cities are debating the own a parking before you
own a car issue, the Mizoram government is getting down to business. Such a
rule in a way prevents the "low on real-estate" populace from owning cars,
but what about landlords?

Paul, are you listening?


In Mizoram, get parking space before car

*Samudra Gupta Kashyap<http://www.indianexpress.com/columnist/samudraguptakashyap/>
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, Parking<http://www.indianexpress.com/news/In-Mizoram--get-parking-space-before-car/664005>
, Mizoram<http://www.indianexpress.com/news/In-Mizoram--get-parking-space-before-car/664005>
**Posted: Tue Aug 24 2010, 01:29 hrs**

The tiny state of Mizoram has found a solution for one of capital Aizawal’s
biggest problems — parking space. The state government has now made it
mandatory for aspiring car owners to own a garage before owning a car.

 “The government has amended the Mizoram Motor Vehicles Rules last week
making it compulsory for citizens to first ensure parking space before one
intends to purchase a car,” said Transport Secretary P Lalthlengliana.

 The first city in the country to use Maruti cars as taxis because of size,
Aizawl alone has over 40,000 vehicles, making it difficult for the
authorities to keep the traffic moving.

 “As more and more people are buying cars, it is getting extremely difficult
to find space for traffic especially in the state capital. With houses
located on the slopes of the ridges, citizens have developed the habit of
parking their vehicles at night on the roads. This had to stop, and thus the
amendment in the motor vehicle rules,” said Dawngliana, director in the
state Transport Department.
While the amended rules are coming into force from August 30, Dawngliana
said Department officials would henceforth enquire whether a person applying
for registration of vehicles owns a garage.

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