[CML 061875] 【英日語ブログ記事No.3663】■Why is "the appearance"・・・・? (No.1)日本の見た目の『外観』と実際の『正体』がなぜかくも違うのか?(No.1)

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Hello Everyone!

みなさん こんにちは!

My name is Yasuhiko Yamazaki.


I am a japanese independent journalist based on internet media.    


I am also a political and social activist.

I am broadcasting everyday in Japanese 【YYNewsLive】 except Saturday and 
Sunday at 9:00 p.m. in local time for more than 8 years.


Approximately 500 persons are watching each time.

I started English-Japanese broadcast by-weekly on Wednesday night from 
the 7th February 2016 in order to talk directly to 1.4billions of
English speakers around the world to let them know the hidden and 
unknown truths on Japan and the world.




▲Please find and read here-after the English blog revised on the subject 
of English-Japansese broadcast made yesterday on 31th March 2021.


【English-Japanese Blog】【英日語ブログ記事No.3663】

■Why is "the appearance" of Japan and "the actual identity" so 
different? (No.1)


At first glance, Japan looks like "a democratic and modern nation," but 
in reality, Japan is "a super dictatorship nation" where "the US puppet 
party Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)" controls everything !


▲ At first glance, Japan looks like " an independent democratic and 
modern nation" as follows!


1. An independent nation with sovereignity


2. A democratic nation with sovereignity of people


3. An equal nation without discrimination


4. A non-dictatorship nation where the separation of powers of state works


5. A pacifist nation


6. A nation with freedom and human rights that respects individual 
freedom and     basic human rights


7. "A good neighbor nation" that maintains and develops peaceful and 
friendly re   lations with neighboring countries


▲ However, actual Japan has a completely different "identity" from the 
above "a   ppearance"!


1. At first glance,Japan looks like "an independent nation with 
sovereignity" but in reality Japan is "a US colonial state" where the US 
puppet party LDP controls everything and gives to US "the national 
sovereignty " and "the national assets.


Postwar Japan was "a occuped country" by the US Occupation Forces (GHQ) 
for seven years from 1945 to 1952.


And from "the independence" in 1952 by concluding "the San Francisco 
Peace Treaty" to the present,Japan is "a dictatorship nation" dominated 
for 69 years by theUS puppet party LDP where the opposition has never 
undergone a full-scale changeofpower.


2. At first glance, Japan looks like "a democractic nation with 
sovereignity of people" but in reality, Japan is "a super-dictatorship 
nation dominated by the Prime Minister" where the Prime Ministers of the 
U.S. puppet party LDP monopolizes and cotrols three national powers of 
state (the Cabinet, the Diet and the Supreme Court).


3.At first glance, Japan looks like "an equal nation without 
discrimination" but in reality Japan is "a discrimination nation " where 
"discrimination" is "insti tutionalized" by "the Emperor System"


GHQ General Commander MacArthur, the US ruling class agent who occupied 
Japan after the war "democratized" and changed "the Prewar Emperor 
System" as "the best tool to control Japan".


He positioned the imperial family as "a special existence" avobe the 
people and institutionalized "discrimination."


4. At first glance, Japan looks like "a non-dictatorship nation" with 
"separation of powers of state" but in reality Japan is "a dictatorship 
nation" where "separation of powers of state"is not stipulated anywhere 
in the Constitution of Japan.


In actual Japan, the "parliament" and "cabinet" are united and the prime 
minister monopolizes the two national rights under the system in which 
the representative of the political party that has won the majority of 
the seats in the lower house by the "parliamentary cabinet system" is 
automatically appointed as the prime minister. doing.


Japan has a system of "parliamentary cabinet system" in which a 
representative of parties that have won a majority of the seats in the 
House of Representatives in the general election is automatically 
appointed as Prime Minister.


It means that the Prime Pinister of Japan could monopolize alone two 
powers of state (the Diet and the cabinet).


Furthermore, under the provisions of "the Article 6 paragraphe 2 of the 
Constitutionof Japan","the right to appoint the chief of the Supreme 
Court" is given to "the Prime Minister" under the name of "the Emperor".


In other words, the Japanese Prime Minister is "the super dictator" who 
controlsand manages alone the three powers of state (the Diet, the 
Cabinet and the Supreme Court).


5. Japan looks like "a non-war pacific nation" according to "the Article 
9 of the the Constitution of Japan" but Japan is actually "a great 
military power" withthe world's fifth-largest military self-defense force.


Japan is "a US military alliance nation" obliged to "participate" in the 
wars initiated by US by "the Japan-US Security Treaty".


6. At first glance, Japan looks like "a nation that respects individual 
freedom and human rights" but in reality Japan is " a nation of 
inconvenience and disregard for human rights".


This is because the text of "the Articles 12 and 13 of the Constitution 
of Japan" stipulate "restrictions" of "individual freedom and human 
rights" as long as they do not violate the public welfare.


7. At first glance, Japan looks like "a good neighbor nation" that 
maintains and develops peacefuand friendly relations with neighboring 
countries" but in reality, Japan is "a war crime nation" that has not 
officially apologizee and has made any compensation to the victims of 
the countries of "the Asia-Pacific Aggression Wars" led by the Emperor 
Hirohito in the 1930s -1945.


(end of No1)


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