[CML 057967] 【英日語ブログ記事】■ Did you know that US・・・?あなたは米国のゲーム出版社『ステイーブ・ジャクソン社』が1995年に発売した『イルミナティ・カード(陰謀ゲーム)』の中で四つの『大事件』を『予告』したことを知っていますか?

山崎康彦 yampr7 @ mx3.alpha-web.ne.jp
2020年 2月 27日 (木) 10:27:52 JST

Hello Everyone!

みなさん こんにちは!
My name is Yasuhiko Yamazaki.


I am a japanese independent journalist based on internet media.


I am also a political and social activist.


I am broadcasting everyday in Japanese 【YYNewsLive】 except Saturday and 
Sundayat 9.00 p.m. in local time for more than 7 years.


Approximately 1000 persons are watching every time.

I started English-Japanese broadcast from the 7th 2016 in order to talk 
directly to 1.4billions of English speakers around the world to let them 
know the hidden and unknown truths on Japan and the world.


Please find here-after the English blog revised on the scenario of 
English-Japansese broadcast made yesterday on the 30 January 2019.




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■ Did you know that US game publisher "Steve Jackson Games" announced 
preliminarily "Four Big Incidents" in "the Illuminati Card The 
Conspiracy Game" released in 1995 ?


1. The first "Big Incident": "911 simultaneous US terrorism" on 
September 11,2001


[Image 1] (Left)"The collapse of the New York Twin Towers" in 2001 
(Right) "Terrorist Nuke" in 1995


[Image 2] (left) "Terrorist Nuke" (right) "Pentagon"

【画像2】】(左)『Terrorist Nuke 核テロ』(右)『Pentagon 米国防総省』

2.The second "Big Incident": The Great Earthquake and Tsunami that hit 
the Tohokuregion of Japan on March 11 2011 and the Fukushima Daiichi 
Nuclear Power Contamination Accident


[Image 3] (left) “Nuclear Accident” (right) “Tidal Wave”

【画像3』(左)『Terrorist Nuke 核テロ』(右)『津波』

[Image 4] When the two cards are turned upside down, the hidden "311" 
comes out.

3. The third "Big Incident": The "new coronavirus" which occurred in 
Wuhan, China in December 2019 is spreading worldwide.


[Image 5] (Left) "Plague of Demons " (Right) A hotel under construction 
in Wuhanthat imitates the US Congress in Washington.

【画像5】(左)『Plague of Demons 

4. The fourth “Big Incident”: "The 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games” is 
scheduled to be held in Tokyo in July 2020, but a notice is given that 
a“major earthquake”will strike.


[Image 6] (Left) Combined Disasters (right) Ginza Wako clock tower.

【画像6】(左)Combined Disasters 複合災害 (右)銀座和光の時計台

[Image 7] The colors of the clothes of those who are running away under 
the clock tower are linked to the Olympic colors.




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Yasuhiko Yamazaki
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