[CML 054910] 【YYNewsLive英日語放送】■The root cause of the "disparity between rich and" ・・!世界規模で年々深刻化する『貧富の格差』の元凶は全世界総資産の15.77%を独占する総資産50兆ドルの『ロスチチャイルド』である!

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2019年 1月 30日 (水) 22:09:54 JST

Hello Everyone! 
みなさん こんばんは!

Thank you very much for your kind attention to my English-Japanese 
broadcast from Japan.


Today si Wednesday the 30th January 2019 at 8.45 PM in local time.


My name is Yasuhiko Yamazaki.


I am a japanese independent journalist based on internet media.


I am also a political and social activist.


I am broadcasting everyday in Japanese 【YYNewsLive】 except Saturday and 
Sunday at 8:30 p.m. in local time for more than 5 years.


Approximately 500-1000 people are watching each time.

I started English-Japanese broadcast by-weekly on Wednesday night from 
the 7th February 2016 in order to talk directly to 1.4billions of
English speakers around the world to let them know the hidden and 
unknown truths on Japan and the world.




【the principal subject of today】 今日のメインテーマ

■The root cause of the "disparity between rich and poor" which is 
growing year by year on a worldwide basis is "Rostchild" with a total 
asset of 50 trillion dollars that monopolizes 15.77% of the "worldwide 
total assets of 317 trillion dollars" concealed by the world's mass media!


Anti-Poor International NGO "Oxfam" announces every January the "annual 
report on inequality concerns" in conjunction with holding "Davos 
Conference" .


The conclusion of the "2018 Annual Report" announced on January 23 this 
year by "Oxfam" was a "shocking" saying that 26 top global richest 
people own the same asset as the lower 3.8 billion people of the world.


However,"Oxfam" has not mentioned at all "Rothschild,the richest world's 
top" with a total asset of 50 trillion dollars (about 5,400 trillion yen)!


Instead of "Rothschild","Oxfam" mentioned as the primary cause of the 
"disparityof rich and poor" is "the top 26 richest people in the world" 
listed below!


▲The World's Top 26 Billionaires (2018) by Fobes


Rank  Name            Net Worth  Age     Source     Country of Citizenship

#1     Jeff Bezos        $112   B 55     Amazon     United States
#2     Bill Gates         $90   B 63     Microsoft     United States
#3     Warren Buffett       $84   B 88     Berkshire Hathaway United States
#4     Bernard Arnault   $72   B 69     LVMH     France
#5     Mark Zuckerberg   $71   B 34     Facebook United States
#6     Amancio Ortega       $70   B 82     Zara     Spain
#7     Carlos Slim Helu  $67.1 B 79    telecom Mexico
#8     Charles Koch       $60   B 83    Koch Industries United States
#8     David Koch           $60   B 78    Koch Industries United States
#10 Larry Ellison       $58.5 B 74    software     United States
#11 Michael Bloomberg $50   B 76     Bloomberg LP United States
#12 Larry Page           $48.8 B 45     Google     United States
#13 Sergey Brin       $47.5 B 45     Google     United States
#14 Jim Walton         $46.4 B 70     Walmart United States
#15 S. Robson Walton  $46.2 B 74     Walmart United States
#16 Alice Walton       $46   B 69     Walmart United States
#17 Ma Huateng           $45.3 B 47     internet media     China
#18    Francoise Bettencourt Meyers $42.2 B 65 L'Oreal France
#19 Mukesh Ambani       $40.1 B 61     petrochemicals, oil & gas India
#20 Jack Ma           $39   B 54     e-commerce     China
#21 Sheldon Adelson   $38.5 B 85     casinos     United States
#22 Steve Ballmer       $38.4 B 62     Microsoft     United States
#23 Li Ka-shing       $34.9 B 90     diversified Hong Kong
#24 Hui Ka Yan           $30.3 B 60     real estate China
#24 Lee Shau Kee      $30.3 B 91     real estate Hong Kong
#26 Wang Jianlin       $30  B 64     real estate China



1  ジェフ・ベゾス       1120億ドル  Amazon.com 共同創設者兼CEO        USA
2  ビル・ゲイツ         900億ドル  マイクロソフトの共同創業者兼顧問  USA
3  ウォーレン・バフェット  840億ドル  バークシャー・ハサウェイCEO       USA
4  ベルナール・アルノー   720億ドル  
クリスチャンディオール取締役会長フランス    5  マーク・ザッカーバーグ 
710億ドル  Facebook共同創業者兼CEO        USA
6  アマンシオ・オルテガ    700億ドル   インディテックス社(ZARA)創業者  
7  カルロス・スリム・ヘル  671億ドル   メキシコの実業家                
8  チャールズ・コーク      600億ドル   アメリカの実業家                 USA
9  デイビット・コック      600億ドル   アメリカの実業家                  USA
10 ラリー・エリソン        585億ドル   オラクル共同創業者兼会長兼CTO     USA



▲However, the total assets of "1.398 trillion dollars (about 151 
trillion yen)" of "the top 26 richest people" that Oxfam mentioned as 
the primary cause of the"disparity of rich and poor" represents only 
2.79% of the total assets of"Rothschild " of 50 trillion dollars (about 
5,400 trillion yen)!


According to the "Global Wealth Report" released by the Bank "Credit 
Suisse", itis said that the "total worldwide assets" of one year from 
the middle of 2017 to the middle of 2018" is estimated to be "317 
trillion dollars".


The "total assets of 1.398 trillion dollars" of "the top 26 richest 
people" thatOxfam mentioned as the primary cause of the "disparity of 
rich and poor" represent only "0.435%" of "317 trillion"dollars of total 
assets of the world".


On the other hand, the "total assets of 50 trillion dollars owned by 
"Rothschild" reprfesent "15.77% "of the"total assets of the world 
totaling 317 trillion dollars"!


This is the "biggest reason" why "Oxfam","Fobes" and all mass media all 
over theworld try to desperately hide "Rothschild".


▲If this is known around the world and people recognize that "Rothchild 
is the root cause of the disparityof rich and poor", the "anti-Rothchld 
movements" willbe launched all over the world like as "Rothchild must be 
overthrown! "Let's stop Rothschild's Central Bank control! "Get back 
currency issue right from Rothschild!

(the end)



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