[CML 055033] 【English-Japanese Blog英日語ブログ記事】■South Korean parliamentary chairman Moon Hee-San ・・韓国国会議長の発言「従軍慰安婦問題は戦争犯罪の主犯の息子である天皇の謝罪の一言で解決される」は全く正しい!

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■South Korean parliamentary chairman Moon Hee-San said,"The comfort 
women issueis settled with a word of apology of the Emperor abdicated 
shortly 、who is the son of the main criminal of war crimes". It is 
totally right!


【Image】 South Korea's chairman Moon Hee Sun


In the interview with the US economic newspaper "Bloomberg" held on 
February 7, 2019, the above remarks were made by the South Korean 
parliamentary chairman Moon Hee-San to the question "What is the way to 
solve the problem of comfort women?".


In Japan who invaded asians countries, it is hardly forbidden to say 
"Emperor Showa-Hirohito is the geratest criminal of the invasion wars".t 
is the "top taboo that no one should say".


However, the people in Korea, North Korea, China and Southeast Asian 
countries that were invaded by Japan totally agree with the remarkare 
made by the Korean National Assembly "The Emperor Showa-Hirohito is the 
greatest war criminal".


We Japanese people should speak fairly now with a great voice now the 
following things.


"Emperor Showa-Hirohito is a "War Criminal","Fascist" and the "Greatest 
and Highest culprit who killed 50 million of Asians"


(forom the bookj written by Kiyoshi Inoue "Emperor's War Responsibility" 
(Contemporary Critic Edition 1975 Initial Edition)


▲【Reprint of the English full article】【英文記事全文転載】

■South Korea Lawmaker Seeks Imperial Apology for Japan Sex Slaves
By Youkyung Lee

08.02.2019  Bloomberg


Speaker Moon says victims need personal regret from monarch‘Isn’t he the 
son of the main culprit of war crimes?’

Japan’s emperor should hold hands with women forced to work in the 
country’s military brothels and make a personal apology if Tokyo wants 
to end the decades-old dispute, South Korea’s top lawmaker said.

National Assembly Speaker Moon Hee-sang said in an interview Thursday 
that Japanese Emperor Akihito -- as the “the son of the main culprit of 
war crimes” -- should deliver the apology before his planned abdication 
in May. Moon was asked how the two U.S. allies could resolve a worsening 
diplomatic feud fueled by disagreements over Japan’s 1910-45 occupation 
of the Korean Peninsula, much of it under the emperor’s late father, 

“It only takes one word from the prime minister, who represents Japan -- 
I wish the emperor would do it since he will step down soon,” said Moon, 
South Korea’s No. 2 elected official and a former presidential envoy to 
Japan. “Isn’t he the son of the main culprit of war crimes?

“So, if a person like that holds the hands of the elderly and says he’s 
really sorry, then that one word will resolve matters once and for all,” 
he said.

The Japanese prime minister’s office didn’t immediately respond Friday 
to a request for comment on Moon’s remarks.

The speaker’s comments underscore the widening divide between the 
neighbors, whose ties have sunk to one of their lowest points in more 
than half a century. The direct challenge to the emperor -- a revered 
figure, whose father was once considered a living god -- risked further 
angering Japan.

While Akihito offered his “deepest regret” in 1990 for Japan’s 
colonization of the peninsula, many Koreans argue the country has failed 
to properly atone for specific wrongdoings, especially forcing local 
women to serve as “comfort women” in military brothels. Former South 
Korean President Lee Myung-bak outraged Japan in 2012 when he demanded a 
fuller apology as a condition for an imperial visit.

The dispute reemerged after President Moon Jae-in was elected in 2017 
and moved to undo the comfort women pact his predecessor reached with 
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. After the death of comfort 
woman-turned-campaigner Kim Bok-dong last month, Moon vowed to do 
everything in his power to “correct the history” for the 23 surviving 

In the interview, Moon Hee-sang said the “most sincere apologies” and 
compensation fund Abe offered comfort women in the December 2015 deal 
fell short of the sort of personal contrition German leaders have shown 
for their own country’s wartime atrocities.

“That is a legal apology,” he said Thursday. “Countries can exchange 
apologies, but the problem is there are victims.”

More than 90 percent of South Koreans believed that Japan still needed 
to apologize over the comfort women issue, according to a joint survey 
of both countries published by the Seoul-based Hankook Daily and 
Tokyo-based Yomiuri newspaper in July. That compared with less than 8 
percent of Japanese who said another statement was necessary.

In 2001, Akihito told reporters that he felt affinity with Korea because 
one of his ancestors was said to have married a Korean princess. The 
85-year-old monarch is due to cede the throne to Crown Prince Naruhito 
in May, after saying his declining health had made it difficult to carry 
out his duties.

Moon Hee-sang, 73, has long been a fixture in progressive South Korean 
political circles and served as a top aide to the current president’s 
mentor. In July, he was elected speaker of the 300-seat National 
Assembly, a position of ceremonial rank second only to the president. 
The pair are not related.
Washington Visit

The speaker will likely be asked about South Korea-Japan ties next week, 
when he’s slated to lead a multiparty delegation to Washington to meet 
top U.S. officials including American counterpart Nancy Pelosi. The two 
sides are also expected to discuss U.S. President Donald Trump’s next 
meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un later this month in Vietnam.

Moon Hee-sang described the summit as a “great opportunity that arrives 
once in a thousand years” to establish peace on the peninsula, which 
been in a state of unresolved war since 1950. Reduced hostilities 
between the two Koreas would also improve ties with Japan, he said.

The speaker credited Moon Jae-in with bringing Trump and Kim to the 
negotiating table.

“He is the president who has won trust from the both sides,” Moon 
Hee-sang said. “The three have a fantastic chemistry.”


▲【Reprint of the Japansese article】【日本語記事転載】


Youkyung Lee

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