[CML 056498] 【English-Japanese BlogNo.3120】■What is the "important thing”・・・?日本と米国と英国には存在せず他の国には存在する『重要なもの』とは何か?

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2019年 8月 8日 (木) 10:17:11 JST

Hello Everyone!

みなさん こんにちは!
My name is Yasuhiko Yamazaki.


I am a japanese independent journalist based on internet media.


I am also a political and social activist.


I am broadcasting everyday in Japanese 【YYNewsLive】 except Saturday and 
Sundayat 8:30 p.m. in local time for more than 6 years.


Approximately 500 people are watching every time.

I started English-Japanese broadcast from the 7th 2016 in order to talk 
directly to 1.4billions of English speakers around the world to let them 
know the hidden and unknown truths on Japan and the world.


Please find here-after the English blog revised on the scenario of 
English-Japansese broadcast made yesterday on the 30 January 2019.




【English-Japanese Blog】【英日語ブログ記事No.3120】

■What is the "important thing ”that does'nt exist in Japan,the US,the UK 
but exist in other countries?


A country with this "important thing" will become a "lawy state" where 
the government, politicians, bureaucrats and military men comply with 
the country's highest regulation, the "constitution" and the "laws".


A country without this "important thing" will become a “lawless 
state”where noone obeies the constitution or the laws.


The country who has the “important thing” would be able to prevent power 
crimes and punish power criminals to protect the country's democracy by 
making the "constitutional violation decision" when the government or 
politicians or bureaucrats or military officers abuse the “state 
powers", commit the “national power crimes”and make the “constitutional 


In the countrie who has not the “important thing”, the “national power 
crimes” commited by the goverment, or liticians, or bureaucrats or 
military offocersd  woudl be are accepted, the “power criminals” wiould  
be left open, the “democracy” would  be destroyed and  finally it would 
become the “dictatorship".


▲The “important” is the “Constitutional Court” which is an independent 
the “Constitutional Guard” standing at the top of the existing courts.


The countries where the "Constitutional Court" is located are as follows.


Germany, France, Italy, Austria, South Korea, Spain, Kingdom of 
Thailand, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Romania, 
Russia, Republic of China (Taiwan)


Among the so-called developed countries, there are no “constitutional 
courts” in Japan, in the United States, and in the United Kingdom.

【Image1】The Korean Constitutional Court


【Image2】The German Federal Constitutional Court



In Japan and in the United States, there is no “Constitutional Court” 
but the “Supreme Court" is placed as the “ Constitution Guard”, but the 
true identity is not the "Constitutional Guard" . It is  the “Disguised 
Constitutional Guard”.


This is because, in Japan, the Prime Minister has the "exclusive right" 
to appoint the 15 Supreme Court Judges under the Japanese Constitution 
(Article 6 (2)).

【Image3】The Japanese Supreme Court


【Image4】The US Federal Supreme Court



Therefore, even if a Japanese Prime Minister commits a “national power 
crime”, the Japanese Supreme Court Judges would never make a 
“constitution violation decision" to prevent the power crimes and 
dismiss the Prime Minister.


The situation in the United States is the same as in Japan.


President of the United States has the "exclusive right" to appoint 9 
Supreme Court judges.


Thus, even if a  US President commits a “national power crime”, the US 
Supreme Court judges  would never make a “constitutional violatio 
decision" to prevent the power crimes and dismiss the President.


Britain has not the "Writtern Constitution" nor the “Constitutional Court”.


Britain is a “fake democratic state", country of the "absolute monarchy” 
where the final decision would be made by the Queen of England.


▲The Korean Constitutional Cour exempted,arrested and sent to jail the 
current President Pak who has committed the “national power crimes” by 
issuing the “Constitutional Judgment” to the “Parliament Dismissal 
Prosecution Resolution,”,


If there was no “Constitutional Court" at this time in South Korea, the 
Korean Supreme Court who had a majority of prediential advocacy judges 
would have “rescued”the President Park by issuing the “Unconstitutional 
Judgment” to the "Parliament Dismissal Prosecution Resolution".


The Korean army would then immediately issue martial law, crush with 
force the anti-presidentials and send out many casualties and arrests.


Japanese citizens and American citizens and British citizens must now 
learn about the Korean people's struggle and fight to create the 
”Constitution Court" by breakingthe “illusion” to the “Supreme Court”.




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Yasuhiko Yamazaki
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