[CML 053614] 【English Japanese Blog】■How did Kyodo News Service let out Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's power crime of 9 years ago?,,共同通信はどのように安倍晋三首相の9年前の権力犯罪をもみ消したのか?

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■How did Kyodo News Service let out Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's power 
crime of 9 years ago?


"If these truths were revealed at that time and reported precisely, it 
seems that the subsequent Abe administration had not been born" 
(Shinsuke Yamaoka)


A power crime of 10 years ago violating the public office election law 
by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (then a member of the House of 
Representatives) in a mayor'selection exposed by a free journalist 
Shunsuke Yamaoka is widely spread in SNS with hashtag on Twitter "# 
Stingy and Cocktail Molotov" but as usual the Japanese mass media is 
completely silent!


【Image】A photograph of two protagonists of "# Stingy and Cocktail 
Molotov", Mr.Shinzo Abe, then a member of the House of Representatives 
and Mr.Saichi Koyama


▲What is the power crime of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of 9 years ago?


That is such an incident.


Mr.Shinzo Abe,then a member of the House of Representatives and his 
secretary oflocal office Mr.Shin Saek asked Mr.Saichi Koyama, a 
political broker close to gangsters to spread the documents attacking 
opponent candidate Mr.Keisho Koga in order to defeat him and to win his 
child's candidate Mr.Kiyoshi Ejima with a reward of 5 million yen in the 
mayor election held in 1999 in Shimonoseki, Abe's local city.


As a result of the election, Mr.Koga was defeated and Mr.Ehashima, Abe's 
child won the mayor  election.


Mr.Saichi Koyama lost the ooponent candidate Koga by spreding the 
attacking documents as promised but Shinzo Abe's side  paid him only 3 
million yen and the promise ofgiving the entry right to the land 
readjustment project was not kept.


Mr.Saichi Koyama was so angry that he took a strong protest against 
Mr.Shin Saek、Shinzo Abe 's local chief to get a confirmation letter 
signed by Mr.Tsutomu Takeda,the highest secretary with a seal.


In addition, he realised a meeting with Shinzo Abe just two persones


However, all promises confirmed by the "confirmation letters" were not 
executed after all.


Mr.Saichi Koyama who got angry to the fact that Shinzo Abe's side did 
not keep their promises collided with the gangsters・Kudo-Kai based in 
Kitakyushu Cityi tothrow the cocktail Molotovs to Shinzo Abe's house and 
office in Shimonoseki Cityand they burned 3 cars in the garage.


Mr.Saichi Koyama who was arrested in an other case by the Shimonoseki 
Police wasarrested again and charged as the main criminal of the arson 
case, and as a result of the trial he was imprisoned with the Judgment 
of 13 years imprisonment.


He just came out in February this year (2018).


Mr.Saichi Koyama contacted on May this year M.Shunsuke Yamaoka, a 
freelance journalist who had ever interviewed him before and received 
two long interviews.


In the interview, Mr.Saichi Koyama showed Mr.Sunsuke Yamaoka fot the 
first time two "confirmation letters" signed by Mr.Tsutomu Taskeda in 
1999 with seal, one "application letter" and a two-shot photograph  with
Mr.Shizo Abe.


These letters and the photograph are "decisive evidences" indicating 
that ShinzoAbe has received from his secretaries the detailed reports on 
negotiations with Mr.Saichi Koyama and he was aware of all and that he 
met him one-on-one.


▲Kyodo News Service knew the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe 's "Power Crime" 
as of October 2006 but They did't report it with the President's order!


Social department reporters were gathered in the meeting room of Kyodo 
News Service headquarters in Tokyo on October 2 2006 six days after the 
day when Shinzo Abe took over for the first time as Prime Minister.


In this meeting, the social department chief said unilaterally, "We 
decided not to report the articles about the uncertain relationship 
between Shinzo Abe and Mr.Saichi Koyama for which we have been working 
at the social department during this time."


It was the senior executives of Kyodo News Service such as President 
Akira Ishikawa and Kenji Goto,editor in chief at the time who canceled 
the report about theincident of "# Stingy and Cocktail Molotov" by 
"surmising" unfavorable effects to Mr.Shinzo Abe who just took office as 
Prime Minister.


【Image1】President Akira Ishikawa of Kyodo News Service at the time


【Image2】Kenji Goto,editor in chief at the time


▲If Kyodo News Service reported tue incident of " # Stingy and Cocktail 
Molotov " as of October 2006, What was going on ?


Shinzo Abe's political life just recently appointed as Prime Minister 
would haveended at this point!


Therefore, Shinzo Abe would'nt become Prime Minister again in December 
2012 and there would'nt not be "Abe Dictatorship" which lasts for more 
than six years until now!


▲The mass media in Japan including Kyodo news Service that do not report 
"inconvenient facts" of government is "criminal"!




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