[CML 051751] 『「慰安婦」バッシングを越えて』の英訳本出版

Maeda Akira maeda at zokei.ac.jp
2018年 2月 16日 (金) 16:10:40 JST


Rumiko Nishino, Puja Kim and Akane Onozawa(ed.), Denying the Comfort 
Women: The Japanese State's Assault on Historical Truth (Asia's 




Planned, instituted and run by the Japanese Imperial Military during the 
Asia-Pacific War, the ‘comfort women’ system remains hugely 
controversial. Although political leaders often contest the role of 
coercion, many argue that the ‘comfort women’ were mobilized forcibly, 
through processes of abduction and deception.

Utilising archival research, court testimonies and eyewitness accounts 
of both survivors and military and civilian personnel, this book argues 
its case in three ways. Part I analyses the modalities of coercion 
employed by the authorities and investigates the historical differences 
and continuities between licensed peacetime prostitution and wartime 
sexual slavery. Part II then examines the failures f the Asian Women’s 
Fund to resolve the ‘comfort women’ issue, whilst Part III explores the 
removal of ‘comfort women’ content from school history texts after the 
late 1990s and details Japan’s diplomatic efforts to prevent war victims 
froms uing the post-war state. Presenting a strong argument in 
opposition to the revisionist school of thought, this book ultimately 
concludes that a realistic settlement would see a victim-oriented 
solution that the survivors can accept.

Written by leading Japanese and zainichi Korean scholars, Denying the 
Comfort Women will be of huge interest to students and scholars of 
modern Japanese studies, gender studies, women’s studies and Asian history.

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