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■(Revised Edition) "The 25 codes of conduct" of "The World Revolution 
Action Plan" formulated in 1774 by Meyer Amsher Rothschild ,founder of 
"Rothschild International Financial Mafia" are the keys to understanding 
the essence of the current world situation! (No 1)


【Image1】Meyer Amsher Rothschild ,founder of "Rothschild International 
Financial Mafia"


Meyer Amsher Rothschild gathered 12 influential Jewish people in the 
ghetto of Frankfurt Germany in 1774 at the age of 30 yeras old.


The purpose of the secret meeting was twofold.


The first aim was to create a secret society "Illuminati" in order to 
realize the teachings in the real world of the Jedaism Secret Scripture 
"Talmud" that they believed that "Jewish people elected by the God have 
to establishe the unified government in the worl to dominate the 
non-Jews people (Goim = livestock)".


The second objective was to formulate the Code of Conduct for the secret 
society "Illuminati".

【Image2】 Symbol mark of "Illuminati"



Meyer Amsherl Rothschild and 12 Jewish influential figures founded a 
secret society "Illuminati" in 1774 and they formulated 25 Codes of 
Action of "The Wworld Revolution Action Plan." "

The secret society "Illuminati" was officially launched on May 1 1776 
two yearslater headed by *Adam Weishaupt*, professor of practical 
philosophyat Ingolstadt University.


It is said that the secret society "Illuminati" has gathered 2000 
highest intelligence of the time including aristocrats, millionaires, 
politicians, intelligent class and so on.

【Image3】*Adam Weishaupt* of "Illuminati"



But Bavarian Emperor Bavariael banned and dissolved In 1784 the 
"Illuminati" because of their extreme thought.


To survive "Illuminati",Adam Weiss Haopt ordered all members of 
"Illuminati" to join the same secret society "Freemasonry" to take its 
real power.


【Image4】 Symbol mark of "Freemasonry"


▲Why are the Illuminati's 25 Codes of Action of "The World Revolution 
Action Plan" the keys to understanding the essence of the current world 


Becaus when we carefully read each of 25 Codes of Action of "The World 
Revolutionary Action Plan", we will be able to understand well how the 
secret society "Illuminati" has acted during nearly 250 years in order 
to realize in the real world the teachings of the Judaism secret 
scripture "Talmud" by establishing the world unified government.


▲the 25 Codes of Action of "Illuminati World Revolutionary Action Plan』of "


1.The best result is obtained by appealing to violence and terrorism to 
rule humans. Power exists in power.


【Explanation by Yamazaki】: Terrorism is executed not for power center 
but always for unprotected ordinary citizens. Because its purpose is to 
plant ordinary citizens with fear of terrorism (violence) and to stop 


2.It is enough to preach "liberalism" to take over political power. Then 
the voters will give up their power for one thought and we gather the 
abandoned powers and privileges and put them in our hand.


【Explanation by Yamazaki】: The "French Revolution" in 1789 was succeeded 
by the general participation of ordinary public because it raised "noble 
ideas, suchas "freedom", "equality" and "Benevolence" that all people agree.



【画像5】 The symbol of "Illuminati" is printed on center top of the "French 
Human Rights Declaration" which describes the basic principles of the 
French Revolution consisting of 17 Article such as  human freedom and 
equality, democratic rights of the people, freedom of speech, division 
of three powers, sacredness of ownership etc.

3.The public does not know how to enjoy freedom. If you use the idea of 
"freedom" it is also possible to create "class struggle".


[Explanation by Yamazaki]: Karl Marx's "Communist Revolution" raised 
"abolition of private property" in order to become "free" from the 
"exploitation of workersby the capitalists, but if the leaders of the 
"Communist Revolution" are monopolized by the members of 
"Illuminati",all private property once abolished by the people would be 
held in theie hands.


【Image6】 ソ連政府各委員会はユダヤ人が独占!

【画像6】 Soviet government committees were monopolized by Jews!


【画像7】Lenin and other Russian revolutionary leaders had Russian names and 
Jewish real names!

4.In order to reach the final goal, we can justify all kinds of means. 
Honorablequalities as citizens such as frankness and honesty will 
interfere with politics, so those who try to become rulers must appeal 
to cunning and deception.

 最終目標に到達するためには、ありとあらゆる手段を正当化出来る。率直さや正直さといった国民としての立派な資質は政治に支障をきたすから、支配者となろうとする者は狡賢さ、欺瞞  に訴えなければならない。

[Explanation by Yamazaki]: Here is the source of the badness of all LDP 
politicians, including Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


5.Our rights lie in power. The new right we are finding is the right to 
attack by the rights of the strong, the right to crush all the existing 
orderand discipline and the right to reconstruct all existing systems.

 我々の権利は力の中にある。我々が見出している新たな権利とは、強者の権利によって攻撃する権利であり、既存の秩序、規律のすべてを粉砕し、既存のすべての制度を再構築する権  利である。

【Explanation by Yamazaki】: Looking at the violence of the "French 
Revolution", "Russian Revolution" and "Japan's Meiji Restoration" led by 
the world's ruling class "Illuminati", it is easy to understand that it 
has aimed to "crush all existing order and discipline and to reconstruct 
all the institutions!.


* (to be followed by No2)


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