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2017年 5月 7日 (日) 23:19:05 JST

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We are now Sunday the 7th May 2017 at 9:00 PM in locla time.


My name is Yasuhiko Yamazaki.


I am a japanese independent journalist based on internet media.


I am also a political and social activist.


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【the principal subject of today】


■Think about "Basic income (minimum basic income) benefit system"!


Last Saturday (2017.04.29), I had an opportunity to hear directly from 
Mr.Schmidt who was one of the leaders of the movement of the "basic
income  benefit system" for Swiss referendum.


Last year (2016)) on June 5th, the "unconditional basic income" was 
rejected by the Swiss referendum against 73.6%, but it won 23.1% of votes.


The "unconditional basic income benefit system" that Mr.Schmidt and all 
have made a referendum is a system in which the government gives the 
minimum basic revenue to all 8 million Swiss citizens without literally 
taking conditions.


Regarding the amount of the minimum basic income, all major mass-medias 
gave concrete figures like as "2500 Swiss francs (about 270,000 yen) 
monthly for adults and 625 Swiss francs (about 68,000 yen) for minors".


But Mr.Schmidt denied that such a specific amount of income was raised 
in the referendum.


If the amount of the minimum basic income is correct, it is certain that 
the annual budget for Switzerland is over 20 billion of SFr. (About 22.7 
trillion yen),as the Swiss government says.


For Switzerland with a total gross national product of $ 646.2 billion 
of dollars (about 70 trillion yen) (2013), the basic income budget of 
22.7 trillion of yen won't possible to be created by the "change of 
social welfare system etc." as Mr.Schmidt and all claim.


Mr.Schmidt also emphasized that the introduction of the "unconditional 
basic income" is not for the "poverty eradication".


His idea is very philosophical as follows.


"Humans usually earn income by helping others, not working for money."


If the "unconditional basic income" is introduced, people can regain the 
original appearance of working to help others without having to work for


What I said to Schmidt is the following.


"The unconditional basic income will be possible only in Switzerland 
where the average annual income of one Swiss citizen is so hight as 7
million of yen and there is not so much difference between rich and poor. "


"It will be impossible to intoroduce the unconditional basic income in 
Japan,in the United States, in EU countries and in the other countries
where the gap between rich and poor is rapidly expanding. "


"What we should do in Japan for example will be that for the purpose of 
"eradicating poverty", the government pay the difference between the
annual income of 2.4 million of yen and the annual income less than 
2.4million of yen for housewives and unemployed people with zero annual
income and for irregular workers and senior citizens."


My opinion!


"Introduction of "basic income benefit system" should be introduced in 
all countries around the world with the condition for eradicating poverty."


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▲▽ Swiss referendum rejects "basic income"


Asahi Shimbun June 6, 2016

2016年6月6日 朝日新聞


On the 5th in Switzerland, a national referendum was held asking whether 
to introduce a "basic income" system to unconditionally provide citizens
with a certain amount of cash, and voting was rejected by 23.1% in favor 
and 76.9% against. The voter turnout was 46.3%


Introductory promoters gathered the required minimum signature of more 
than 100,000 signatures and made a national referendum. The promoters
appealed "eradication of poverty" etc, and as for the amount to maintain 
a minimum life, 2,500 Swiss francs (about 270 thousand yen) against
adults, 625 Swiss francs (about 68 thousand yen ) To be paid monthly.


Meanwhile, the Federal Government announced its opposing position 
concerned about the huge cost of "more than 208 billion Swiss francs 
(about 22.7 trillion yen)annually" and concern about the decline in 
Switzerland's economic competitiveness. Promoters insisted that it is 
possible to change the current social welfare system for financial 
resources, but the support did not spread.




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