[CML 048858] 【英日語ブログ記事】■Google who stopped unexpectedly my account・・私のアカウントを『利用規約に違反した』との理由で一方的に停止したGoogleは哲学なき通信事業者できわめて危険だ!

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2017年 6月 22日 (木) 11:04:58 JST




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■Google who stopped unexpectedly my account saying that "I have violated 
the terms of service" is a dangerous telecommunication carrier without


Google putting Youtube under control stopped unilaterally my account 
about 10 o'clock in the morning of Monday 10th June 2017 due to my 
violation of the terms of service.


When I was watching 【Youtube】 I could not login.So I tried to login, the 
following image of [Google Account Help] came out.


【Image】 Google Account Help

【画像】 Googleアカウントヘルプ

▲ Sentences in Google Account Help


Access to this Google service has been suspended because we have 
determined thatit violated our terms of service or service-specific
terms of service. For guidelines on each service, please check the terms 
of service of the applicable Google services homepage.


Google has the following rights:


・Disable account for investigation.


・Stop access to certain services or the entire Google Accounts system 
for users of Google accounts that violate terms of service or policies
by service.


・Regardless of reason, regardless of whether or not notification is 
made, the user's account is terminated at any time.


Next steps if your account is suspended: If you believe that access to 
this service was inadvertently stopped, please contact us.


(Sentences ended)


When we are reading the sentences of this [Google Account Help], when 
Google determines that the user who receives all services of Google has
violated the terms and conditions decided by Google, Google will be able 
to unilaterally stop and disable accounts and to make the service
unusable without informing or explaining in detail.


Most Google users are using everyday without knowing that Google's terms 
of service are such terrible content.


Google, raised to the world's largest telecommunications giant, whose 
services are used everyday by hundreds of millions of people worldwide
has no consciousness that it is a private enterprise but provides an 
advanced "public service".


As a private telecommunications company, Google managers do not 
understand at all, such as the obligation of "the security of rights
and freedoms" and the obligation of prohibition of "censorship of 
communication and eavesdropping" are obliged as follows.


 Obligation of Security of the right to knows of the people


 Obligation of Security of freedom of thought and creed of the people


 Obligation of Security of freedom of expression and communication of 
the people


 Obligation of Prohibition of censorship and eavesdropping of 
communication of the people


Politicians, business managers, academics and scientists without 
philosophies who are pursuing only their own interests are extremely
dangerous, and the communications carriers without philosophy are also 
extremely dangerous.




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