[CML 049186] Myanmar: Video prompts investigation into police brutality against Rohingya

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Video shows Myanmar police beating Rohingya

3 Jan 2017 at 01:11

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YANGON - Myanmar on Monday said it has detained several police and vowed to
take action against officers shown beating villagers in a video that has
circulated on the internet.

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Myanmar: Video prompts investigation into police brutality against Rohingya

By Donie O'Sullivan <http://edition.cnn.com/profiles/donie-osullivan>

Updated 1728 GMT (0128 HKT) January 2, 2017

[image: Viral video prompts Myanmar to investigate police brutality against
Rohingya villagers]

Police record themselves beating civilians 01:06
Story highlights

   - The video quickly went viral after it was posted over the weekend
   - It's not the first video that appears to show alleged abuse by Myanmar

London (CNN)The Myanmar government has launched an investigation into
police brutality against members of the Muslim Rohingya minority after
video has emerged that appears to show police beating civilians in the west
of the country.
The selfie-style video was filmed on November 5, according to the office of
State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi, and after it was posted to YouTube on
Saturday, quickly went viral.
[image: amnesty myanmar targeting rohingya haigh howell intv_00033205]

Are Myanmar soldiers raping Muslim women? 03:59
First investigation into police brutality
It's the first time the government has announced an investigation into
police brutality against the Rohingya ethnic minority in the restive
Rakhine State since the area was put under lockdown following an attack on
border guards in October.
Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has been accused of turning a blind eye to
the Rohingya minority.
In an interview with CNN in September, Suu Kyi said her government was
having "a lot of trouble trying to bring about the kind of harmony and
understanding and tolerance that we wish for."
"This is not the only problem we have to face, (but) this is one on which
the international community has focused," she added.
Speaking to CNN, former US Ambassador to Myanmar Derek Mitchell said Suu
Kyi is "under enormous stress."
"It's unclear how much she knows about what's going on on the ground," he
said, adding that the international community should consider the "context
of decades if not centuries of mistrust" of Rohingya by the majority
population in Myanmar.
However, he said that Suu Kyi "does need to step up and do more to speak to
the urgent immediate issue of the human rights of these people."
Myanmar's government has been accused
<http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/15/asia/myanmar-rakhine-state-unrest/> of
reacting to October's attack with further violence. Officials have
consistently denied human rights abuses, saying they are carrying out
"clearance operations" against those involved in the attack.
[image: Rohingyas Flee Myanmar_00023402]

Rohingya families flee persecution in Myanmar 02:53
Series of videos
"It's telling that these local officers apparently felt so at ease in what
they were doing that they had no hesitation in filming it," Phil Robertson
of Human Rights Watch told CNN.
"If the police feel so immune that they film themselves inflicting such
brutal beatings, one wonders what other horrors might be taking place off
camera that they were not willing to record."
This is the latest in a series of videos that show alleged abuse by Myanmar
authorities in recent months. Another video
from November shows burned bodies and the remnants of a burned house. Human
Rights Watch said that hundreds of homes have been destroyed as part of the

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