[CML 046728] 【英日語ブログ記事】■Trump fascist "US President"'s crazy enforcement・・トランプ・ファシスト【米大統領】の狂気の強権政治の崩壊が始まった!

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■Trump fascist "US President"'s crazy enforcement politics began to 


The Presidential decree of Trump fascist "US President" banning 
residents and refugees from seven Islamic countries on temporary entry
to the USA was temporarily stopped on 3rd February 2017 by the Seattle 
Federal District Court and the decision was immediately executed on the
whole country.

Against this decision,Trump fascist "US President" insulted the Judge 
Robert of Seattle Federal District Court who has decided on this
temporary injunction saying in Twitter that"The opinion of this 
so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our
country, is ridiculous and will be overturned (by senior court)!"


So far there were several Presidents who have criticized the decisions 
of the court among the President of the United States but Trump fascist
"US President" who personally attacked and insulted a judge would be the 
first and the last President.


In other words, a person named Donald Trump is a only greedy bastard who 
has no suitable personality for the top of the country, no philosophy,
no idea, no cultural knowledge, a person who has never read the 


The US State Department issued a statement on 4th February 2017 after a 
temporary injunction decision of the US District Court in Seattle that
they would withdraw the cancellation of the visa of about 60,000 people 
and they would admit to enter in the counrty of people coming from seven
countries and having an effective visa.


In response to notification from US authorities, airlines such as 
Europe, the USand the Middle East resumed boarding passengers whoes
entry had been banned.


And today otn the 5th February 2017,the US Federal Appeals Court 
dismissed the appeal of immediate reexecution of the Presidential Decree
issued by the Justice Department.


Two weeks since taking office as President, the crazy enforcement 
politics of Trumpfascist "US President" began to collapse.




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