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■(Revised Edition) What is "the success" of the Italian political party 
"Five Stars Movement" ?


▲Why is The "Five Stars Movement" not well-known in Japan.


Because the Japanese ruling class as well as the ruling classes of other 
countries do not want to let the public know the "revolution" possessed
by the "Five Stars Movement"


What the Japanese media say about the "Five Stars Movement" is that they 
are oneof the "populist movements based on the "popular compromise" that
is increasingmomentum in European countries.


Japanese media is introducing wrong informations about the "Five Stars 
Movement"t saying that "It is only a temporary phenomenon" to induce the 
public opinion.


▲The essence of the "Five Stars Movement" has the following three points.


1.To refuse the "parliamentary democracy = indirect democracy politics" 
that theexisting professional political parties and politicians do in


2.To request and realize the "referendum system = direct democracy 
politics" to which the "Non-professional Ordinary Citizens" can
participate directly.


New!3.In order to reject "political professional", the term of office of 
the member of parliament is set to the longest 2 term 10 years and the 
annual compensation of the members of parliament is fixed equal to the 
average annual income of the people.


New! 4.to refuse to receive a political party grant of 48 million euros .


5."Five Stars Movement" is a completely new "revolutionary political 
movement" that has never been before.

▲I participated in a confernce given by Ricardo Fracaro (36 Court) a 
representative of the "Five stars Movement" and I broadcasted it on live!


I took part in the conference held on November 26 2017 (Sun) in the 
afternoon inTokyo that Mr. Ricardo Furacaro (36 years old), member of
the Congress of the Italian political party "Five Stars Movement" gave.


The URLs below are those of the broadcasts fo the conference that I sent 
on live.


1.the first part (52 minutes 19 seconds): Mr.Ricardo Furacaro's 
Conference "What is the Five Star Movement"



2.the Second part (150 minutes 11 seconds): questions and answers with 
the participants.



▲What is "the success" of the Italian political party "Five Stars 
Movement" ?


It is summarized to nine points as follpwed.


1.The Italian political party "Five Stars Movement" was founded on 4th 
October 2009 by Beppe Grillo, popular comedian and entrepreneur and
political activist Jean Roberto Kazarejjo.


2.The number of the current party members and friends of the party is 87 
thousand people.


3. "Five Stars Movement" won 8.5 million votes in the last general 
election of 1st January 2013. At present they have 91 seats (14%) in the
House of Representatives and 36 seats (11%) in the Senate. Thet are now 
the second party after the "Democratic Party" who is now taking power.


4."Five Stars Movement" currently occupies 17 seats (23%) in the 
European Parliament (Italian constituency).


5."Five Stars Movement" has won the heads of the municipality such as 
Parma, Mira, Comacchio in the unified local elections of April 21st 2012.


6."Five Star Movement" won the election of the mayor of Rome and Turin 
in 2016.


7.The candidate for the Prime Minister of the "Five Stars Mouvemeny" 
Mr.Luigi Dimaio (31 years old) said in the press conference that there
was fraud in the election of the governor in Sicily that took place on 
November 5th 2017.


8.Mr.Luigi Dimaio asked the Organization for Security and Cooperation of 
Europe(OSCE) to send international observers to the general election
scheduled before May in 2018.


9.It is predicted that the 'Five Star Movements' will win in the Italian 
generalelection to be held before next May in 2018 and that the Prime
Minister candidate Luigi Dimaio (31years old) is likely to be elected as 
the youngest Prime Minister in the world.




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