[CML 050107] 【英日語ブログ記事】■Japan's core infrastructure is held in the hands of・・・日本の基幹インフラは米通信業者と米情報機関の手に握られている!

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■Japan's core infrastructure (communication, Internet, mobile phone, 
power delivery, railroad, bank settlement) is held in the hands of US
telecommunication carriers such as Google and US intelligence agencies 
such as CIA and NSA !


After the defeat of the Pacific war in 1945 until Today,Japan has been 
totally dominated by the US ruling class and their puppet political
party LDP (Liberal Democtatic Party) in politics, in administration, in 
finance,in military,in justice and in mass communication.


But the fact that the Japanese core infrastructure that is the 
foundation of Japanese people's life has been also held in the hands of  
the US telecommunication carrier Google was unexpectedly revealed by a 
large communication failure accident occured last Friday on 25th 
Aug.2017 in Japan.


Last Friday around noon, a large-scale communication failure occurred in 
Japan for a short time (8 minutes) due to a mistake made in "the network
setting" by Google USA.


NTT Communications and KDD who were directly exchaging via information 
with Google USA were greatly affected by this large-scale communication


The Corporations and individual customers who used two companies have 
become unable to connect the Internet and mobile phones,unable to use
various net services, and unable to make financial transactions or 
mobile payment.

The fact that Japan's Internet and mobile phone services ceased to 
function due to the mistake of Google Inc means that Japan's core 
infrastructure, the Internet and mobile phone services is held in the 
hands of Google Inc.


Mr.Edward Snowden, former NSA and CIA information officer told in Oliver 
Stone's tolde latest film "Snowden" that Japan's core information
infrastructure are in the hands of US intelligence agencies and he 
testified as follows.


"Malware (virus) is deployed in the Japanese private infrastructure and 
if Japan is not an alliance, we can operate this all together and stop
the Japanese infrastructure including the power grid"


Mr.Edward Snowden was working as a CIA staff member at Yokota Air Base 
in Japan between 2009 and 2010 and he was working to set up malware (virus)
in Japanese private infrastructure.


Japanese citizens should early realize the reality that all of the 
people's lives are held in the hands of the US ruling class! !




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