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2016年 11月 21日 (月) 08:51:09 JST

Hello Everyone!

My name is Yasuhiko Yamazaki.

I am a japansese independent journalist based on internet media.

I am also a political and social activist.

I am broadcasting everyday in Japanese 【YYNewsLive】 except Saturday and 
Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in local time for more than 3 yearsand 8 months.
I started English broadcast once a week on Sunday on the 7th Feburary 
2016 in order to talk directly to 1.4billions of English speakers around 
the world
to let them know the hidden and unknown truths on Japan and the world.

Please find here-after an English blog edited from the broadcast senario 
of yesterday on the 20th Novembre 2016.

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【English Blog】

■"President's winning" of Trump is invalid!

The US citizens should have chosen the genuine President who could make 
a "revolution" like Sanders!

Trump was elected in the presidential election of the 08th November 2016 
by the leakage of plotting purpose for the public opinion induction by
the active FBI Secretary and by the fraudulent election system called 
"electoral collective control system"!

I tabulated the difference of the results of poputarity opinion poll in 
% between Hillary Clinton and Trump from th 13th October 2016 until the
day before the vote on 07th November 2016.

This table shows that the difference in the popurarity rates of both 
candidates shrunk at a stretch from the day of the announcement at the
press conference on the 28th October 2016,11days befor the voting day 
that Comey FBI secretary held and declaed that he has sent a letter to
the Congress anancing to re-investigat Hillary Clinton's private e-mail 

Until then, the difference of the popurarity rates between Hillary 
Clinton and Trumph was 5.20% -7.10% as shown in the table and the
advantage of Hillary Clinton continued for a long time.

But on 28th 28 the difference suddenly narrowed at 3.90% and the 
difference continued to narrow sharply afterwards.

On 7th November the day before the voting day.It became at 2.4%

This time was the time when more than 10 women appealed and critisized 
Trump with the real name for the sexual harassment.

Comey FBI Secretary,a high-ranking bureaucrat in the Obama Democratic 
regime worked on a leakage plot for the purpose of public opinion
guidance in collaborarion with the Republican Playing Forceand he 
successfully did it.

And there is a big problem of the US presidential election system that 
still employs the old indirect election system of 240 years ago when the
electorates elected538 electorals in the 50 states and  in Washington DC 
and the electorals elects the President .

There is especially a big probleme that the foolish systeme of the top 
presidential candidate totally taking all of electorates of the sate is
adopted in 48 states

Thanks to this innovative system, Trump gained all electorals in Floride 
(39 electorals) and in Texas(28 electprals) and other major
constituencie where the Republican Party is originally strong.

Dspite less than 200,000 votes in the total numbers, Trump gained 306 
electorals against 232 electorals of Clinton and he won in the
presidential election.

In other words, without the plot by Comey FBI Secretary on 28th October, 
Clintonsould have won the game as expected and Trump would have been

Not to misunderstand here I must say that I have never said a word that 
Hillary Clinton should have become the next President of the United
States instead of Trump.

Trump and Hilary Clinton are the same in identity of financial and war 

The difference is that Hilary Clinton hides its identity with the 
American philosophy of "democracy" and "freedom", while Trump is
exposing his identity of the extreme right fascist as it is Just being 

It is quite right that Julian Paul Assange, the founder of the WikiLeaks 
says "To choose between a Trump or Clinton is the same as to choose
cholera or gonorrhea."

The US citizens should have chosen the genuine President who could make 
a "revolution" like Sanders!

【Material】 ▲ Supporting rate of both candidates Public opinion poll
result table (by Yasuhiko Yamazaki)

   day     Clienton(%) Trump(%) difference(%)

13th Oct.   44.4    39.1    5.30
14th Oct.   44.4    39.1     5.30
15th Oct.  45.1    38.4    6.70
16th Oct.  46.0    38.9    7.10
17日 Oct.   46.2       39.1       7.10
18日 Oct.   46.2       39.1       7.10
19日 Oct.   45.2       39.2       6.00
20日 Oct.   45.2       39.2       6.00
21日 Oct.   44.7       39.4       5.30
22日 Oct.   44.7       39.4       5.30
23日 Oct.   45.0       39.4       5.60
24日 Oct.   45.3       39.9       5.40
25日 Oct.   45.3       39.9       5.40
26日 Oct.   45.7       40.1       5.60
27日 Oct.   45.6       40.4       5.20
28日 Oct.   44.9       41.0       3.90 ←leak by FBI Secretary
29日 Oct.   44.9       41.1       3.80
30日 Oct.   45.0       41.6       3.40
31日 Oct.   45.6       42.7       2.90
1日  Nov.   45.3       42.7       2.60
2日  Nov.   45.3       43.1       2.20
3日  Nov.   45.0       42.7       2.30
4日  Nov.   45.0       42.7       2.30
5日  Nov.   45.0       42.7       2.30
6日  Nov.   44.9       42.2       2.70
7日  Nov.   44.6       42.2       2.40
8日  Nov.   47.7       47.5       0.20 ←voting day

Information source:http://www.afpbb.com/articles/-/3084925


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