[CML 045566] 【英日語ブログ記事】■ We have only two days left befor the US Presidential election on 8th Novembe!11月8日の米国大統領選挙まであと2日となった。

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■ We have only two days left befor the US Presidential election on 8th 


If either Hillary Clinton or Trump become the President of the United 
States, I am sure that the life and livelihood of the world of ordinary
people will becomethe worst state!


Because Hillary Clinton and Trump are not a presidential candidate in 
order to protect both life and living of the common people in the
world.They were nominated presidential candidate for working for the 
benefit of the world ruling classas a benefitagent.


The two-party system of the US is to protect the benefits of the world 
ruling class behind in the both case to change the regime to Democratic
Party or to Republican Parti.It is a "magnificent impersonation system".


You're not supposed to have never fantasies and expectations to the two 
actors  acting on the "magnificent impersonation system".


Hillary Clinton will probably be elected President with the powerful 
support forces to back of the international financial mafia of
conversion Jewish of Rothschild  and of the US military-industrial 
complex・neo-conservative war faction.


If she is elected President of the United States, she would take the 
outright policies of the financia and military domination ofthe United


And she would intentionally guide to the outbreak of the world financial 
crisis and the Third World War=nuclear war.


If Trump is elected President of the United States,he would take the 
popular up policies giving top priority to the US interests just like 
President Duterute ofthe Philippines who has got enormous popularity by 
extrajudicial assassination of more than 4,000 "criminels" in the drug 
eradication operation.


Trump would induce to the world financial crisis and to the World War 
III=nuclear war in a different way than Hillary Clinton by destroying
the existing world domination order.


The world ruling class would tolerate Trump to a certain stage in the 
destruction of existing world domination order and they would try to 
secure their profitesbut if it exceeds a certain limit,they would 
assassinate him without pardon.


Either way, when the Democratic candidate Sanders has been wiped out by 
bogus presidential election system,the fate of the common people of the
world was determined.




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