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My name is Ysuhiko Yamazaki.

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■US presidential election is a fraud!


Why do not american voters try to change fundamentally the presidential
election system like as below ?



 public opinion does not reflect.

 enormous money is flurried.

カネが飛び交う今の大統領選挙制度を根本から変えようとしないの か?

 old-fashioned:The United States has also stubbornly defended the
delegates system of the time of independence from the United
Kingdom,regardless the people iin all many countries such as France
electe the President in the direct election.

を直接選挙で選ぶのではなく、米国が英国から独立した当時の代議員制 度を今

At the time when the first of 13 states became independent more than 300
years ago, the President was selected by the delegates choosen among the
influential people of each state. The system of indirect election is

議員となり大統領を選ぶという、間接選挙であったことは理解でき る。

Because theransportation network was not so much developped at the time
that it was very difficult for the voters to go to the polling
place.because it was not developed to vote in person in the polling place,


And thya had no meanse of communicaiton to report rhe numbers of the
ballots cunted at each polling station to the center of election Commission.


We can't quite understand the reason why the old-fashioned delegate
election systme is used in the United-States where the transportation
systme and the communication means have developped so much than 300
years ago?

なぜ古くさい代議員選で大統領を選んでいるのか、全く理解できな い。

 unfair :in addition to the ordinary delegates to be bound by the
results, there are many special delegates such as legislators,governors
and party executivesto whom the freedom and privilege to choose the
presidential candidates are given regardless of the election results.

や党の幹部などが特別代議員として、投票結果に左右されないで大統領 候補を

In the case of the Democratic Party, there are 4745 ordinary delegates
and 712 special delegates (15%) of influential people.


Regardless of the voting results,it is seen that more than 90% of the
votes of the special delegates will go to the Democratic mainstream Ms

流派のクリントン女史に90%以上の票が行くだろうと見られているの だ。

The votes of special delegates will not go to Sanders,
democate-socialist who joined the Democratic Party in order to run for
the presidential election.

会民主主義者のサンダースには特別代議員の票はほとんど行かないの だ。

Republican Party is not as bad as Democrats, 5% of the ordinary
delegates becomethe special delegate.


The special delegation systeme in the Democatic Party and the Republican
Party has a common aime to stop and not to win a ridiculous candidate
uch as Sanders.

主党候補のような、とんでもない候補者が登場しても絶対に当選させな いため

 public opinion does not reflect:many american voters begin to realize
the fact that the traditional Two-party system is the political system
of deception that does not reflect the will of the people.

欺瞞の政治制度であること。そのことを米国の有権者がようやく気が付 き始め

American voter are noticing the following things.


The Republicans and Democrats are a seemingly differents in political
philosophyand policy, but even which took the regime, the situation will
not chage becausethe front of the medals has changed in place of back.


The Republicans and Democrats are connected in roots, they make the
politics forthe interests of the big banks, military industriesand large
companies,neverfor the people's interests.


 enormous money is flurried:It is told that the total amunt of money
that each candidate will collect in the primary election and the finals
in this presidential election would be about 13.3 billions of dollars.


In short,a candidate who could collect the huge fund will be chosen to
the President of the United States.


If you say that the United States is the country of freedom and
democracy, you must abolish the actual presidential election systme like
as  old-fashoned,  unfair,  public opinion does not reflect, and 
huge money is flurrid and must change to the direct election sysyteme
such as France and many countries.


きことは仝鼎て、不公平で、L碓佞反映しない、そしてで大な カネが飛び


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