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There is a "Showa Day" but Why there is not a "Meiji Day"?


The national holiday on April 28th of "Showa Day" was the Emperor
Showa's birthday when he was alive and  after his death the name was
changed to "Showa Day".

Why was the birth day of the Emperor Meiji on November 03 (1852) not the
national holiday and why does not the "Meiji Day" exist to celebrate?


American people celebrates each year on July 4th "the independence of
the United States of America" in the national holiday.

and French people celebrates on July 14th "the French Revolution"in the
national holiday.


if it is the original Japan also would celebrate "the Meiji Restoration"
which is written in the textbook as a "revolution movement for the first
time to the birth of the modern nation in Asia".

But there is nothing about the "Meiji Restoration Anniversary Day" ,nor
"the Meiji Day" celebrating the birth of the Emperor Meiji.


What is the reason why?


Because the Meiji Restoration and the Emperor Meiji had not rightfulness
at all.


Because the dark secrets have been hidden in the Meiji Restoration and
the Emperor Meiji.


If the Meiji Restoration and the Emperor Meiji became the national
holiday to
be celebrated by whole nation,the secrets hidden in the Meiji
Restoration and the Emperor Meiji would be known throughout the nation.

Japanese dominating class has never commemorated the Meiji Restoration
and the Emperor Meiji.


So What were the secrets of the Meiji Restoration and the Emperor Meiji?


The Meiji Restoration was not a heartwarming story written in the
textbook telling that many young samurais have upraised at the risk of
life in the fight to overthrow the Edo Feudal System and that they have
succeeded in setting up a first modern state in Asia.

配していたユダヤ・ロスチャイルド国際金融マフィアが、日本を植民地 化する

The Meiji Restoration was a military coup d'Etat against Edo Shogunate
by 4 major feudal lords like as Choshu(Yamaguchi),Satuma(Kagoshima),Tosa(Kouchi)
and Higo(Saga) to whom the British government and the Jewish Rothschild international
financial mafia having a aim of colonization of Japan after China have supported
by finance financial aid, military aid and strategy teaching.


In the main forces of the military coup d'Eta of the Meiji
Restoration,there were four types.

The first type was the emperor entourages like as Tomomi Iwakura.

The second type was the young junior samurais of 4 major lords like as
Takayoshi Kido

The thrid type was the young samurais exiting the clan like as Ryoma

The forth type was the "Buraku people (discriminated people)"like as
Hirobumi Ito (4 times at Prime Minister after) and Toranosuke Ohmuro
(Emperor Meiji after) of the village "Tabuse".


The three representatives of the forces of the military coup
d'Etat,Tomomi Iwakura, Takayoshi Kido and Hirobumi Ito have assassinated
Emperor Komei and his son Mutsuhito(true Emperor Meiji) because Emperor
Koumei who was aiming at regime change by peaceful route became their



Having assassinated son of Emperor Komei Mutsuhito at age of 15 years who
was crowned the Emperor Meiji, they have replace Mutushito by Omuro
Toranosuke of 15-year-olds born in the corean village of "Tabuse" of
"Buraku People" (discriminated people).he was disguised as Emperor Meiji.


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