[CML 042423] 国連人権理事会での人権高等弁務官発言

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2016年 3月 11日 (金) 18:05:20 JST

前田 朗です。



Last year I highlighted the unresolved suffering, and search for
justice, of the women who survived sexual slavery by Japanese military
forces during World War II.  Since then, in December 2015, the
Governments of Japan and the Republic of Korea have announced a
bilateral agreement to address the issue. Its terms have been questioned
by various UN human rights mechanisms, and most importantly by the
survivors themselves. It is fundamentally important that the relevant
authorities reach out to these courageous and dignified women;
ultimately only they can judge whether they have received genuine


Japan stated that its recent agreement with the Republic of Korea meant 
that the issue of comfort women was resolved finally and irreversibly.  
Japan had never denied history or facts.  Reference to the grave human 
rights situation in “North Korea” was missing from the High Commissioner
’s report.  Japan expressed its concern over recent developments in 
certain countries and regions that infringed on the freedom of 
expression, which was at the core of democracy. 


Republic of Korea fully shared the High Commissioner’s view that 
countless human rights violations and abuses continued to be perpetrated 
with impunity, especially in situations of prolonged armed conflicts.  
It expressed gratitude to the High Commissioner’s attention to the 
victims of wartime sexual violence, and highlighted that the agreement 
concluded with Japan aimed to restore the honour and dignity of victims. 

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