[CML 042312] 【英語放送】■Why the tragedies now expanding?世界中で悲劇が拡大しているのは何故か?

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2016年 3月 6日 (日) 21:09:43 JST

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Thank you very mauch for your attention to my English broadcast from Japan.

Today is Sunday on the 06th March 2016 at 07.10 pm in local time.

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  My name Ysuhiko Yamazaki.

I am a japansese independent journalist based on internet media.

I am also a political and social activist.

I am broadcasting everyday in Japanese 【YYNewsLive】 except Saturday
and Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in local time for more than 3 years and 8 months.

I started English broadcast once a week on Sunday on the 7th Feburary
2016 in order to talk directly to 1.4billions of English speakers around
the world
to let them know the hidden and unknown truths on Japan and the world.

So please find here-after the English blog editated from the broadcast
scinarioof yesterday,the 06th March 2016.


■Why the tragedies are now expanding around the world as war,
blind terrorism, poverty and greate disparity of the society?


It looks that the war and poverty have occured separately and accidentally.But
the forces that create the poverty and the war are the same.They are the World ruling
class,the international financial mafia of Jewish Rothschild.

作りだしている勢力は【世界支配階級】=ユダヤロスチャイルド国際金 融マフィ

▼ Poverty is not born by chance.


The Poverty is the result of "the financial terrorism" by which the world ruling
class could arrogate legally the national assets.The financial terrorism is always
disguised as if it was happened by chance in the natural phenomena of the business cycle.

ロ』の結果であり、それはあたかも景気循環の自然現象で偶然に起こった かの

The poverty is the result of the lawfulembezzlement  of public assets that the government
and the Central Bank and the private banks of each country have caused with their pricipal
members of the international financial mafia of Jewish Rothschild.

である各国の中央銀行と民間銀行と政府が国民資産を合法的に横領して 国民を

In each country around the world, the fraud system =Reserve Deposits System
was introduced and operated in the plot operation by the government and the Central Bank
and the private banks to legally divert arrogate the public assets.


▼ The war is not something that happens by chance.


The war is a carefully-planned military terrorism and it is prepared by
the world ruling class.The war is disguised as if it had been
coincidentally passed.


The war is prepared and conducted by the neocon based on the US・
Britain・French military-industrial complex and on the Israeli-Zionist
religious worship ,financed by the International financial mafia of
Jewish Rothchilde.Leur goal is to destroy the opposed countries and the
forces on order to completely dominate the world by the establishment of
one world government.

配階級の中心勢力【ユダヤ国際金融マフィア】が、世界統一政府樹立に よる世
ニスト宗教カルトらを支援して武力で反対する国や勢力を殲滅す るために起こ

▼ [2 poles confrontation] concocts でっち上げれた【2極対立】     

the capitarism against communism (1848 Marx & Engels published 「The
Communist Manifesto」)

  資本主義 対 共産主義 (1848年マルクス・エンゲルス『共産党宣言』出版)

the allied countries of Britain vs the axes countries of Germany

英国連合 対 独枢軸国  (The First World War) (第一次世界大戦)

the allied countries of Britain and the United States and the Union
Sovietique vs the axis of Japan and Germany and Italy

英米ソ連合国 対 日独伊枢軸国 

  (the Second World War)


 the communist countries vs the capitalist countries

共産主義国 対 資本主義国 

  (Korea War, the Vietnam War, nuclear arms race)


the terrorism vs counter-terrorism

(Inventing the new axis of confrontation after the collapse of the
Soviet Union in 1991)

テロ 対 反テロ (1991年のソ連崩壊後にでっちあげた新たな2極対立)

the Islamic countries vs the Westen coutries

  イスラム国 対 欧米諸国 

  (9.11 terrorism giving the pretext of the war aggression to
Afghanistan and Iraq)


  Islam vs Christianity イスラム教 対 キリスト教

  (Bthe bind terrorism in Paris by Islamic State, the civil war  in Iraq
and Syria)


▼ So what should we do to eradicate the poverty and the war at the same
time in the world?


It will take the revolutionary forces raised in each country to
establish the revolutionary regime of citizens to dismantle the ruling
class ,the internationa financial mafia of Jewish Rothschild by
abolishing the three credit-creation privileges like listed after.

争を意図的に起こしている世界支配階級=ユダヤロスチャイルド国際金 融マフィ

Il will be required that the Central Bank must be 100% nationalized and
that all powers must be transferred to the National Assembly by taking
away the privilege of credit creation = the right to print money
note.The Central Bank nationalized 100% will work for the people of the
country,not for the private banks.

【紙幣印刷権】を剥奪して仲間の民間銀行のためではなく、国民の ために信用

Il will be required that the privilege of credit creation exclusively
given to the private banks =reserve deposit system mus be abolished.


It will be required that the credit creation privilege given only to
the government = the issue of government bonds must be prohibited.


If the revolutionary regime of citizens has abolished the three credit
creation privileges, the private banks will naturally disappear and all
financial services will be insured by the Centale Bank without interest
to the individuals, to the companies,to he local governments and to the
Central Government.

ば、 民間銀行は自然消滅してなくなり、すべての金融サービスは国民化さ れた
中央 銀行が個人、企業、地方自治体、政府に無利子で行うことになりる。

  If the revolutionary regime of citizens has abolished the three
credit creation privileges, the national econimy in each country of the
world will realize  the year growth of 4-5% without knowing the economic

界各国の国民経済は景変動のない毎年4-5%の経済成長となるだろう Le

If the revolutionary regime of citizens has abolished the three credit
creation privileges,the world will become a rich and peaceful world
without knowing the war ,the poverty, the discrimination and the errorism.


ば、 世界は戦争や貧困や差別やテロのない平和で豊かな社会が実現するの だ!


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