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2016年 2月 29日 (月) 10:56:24 JST

Hello Everyone!

My name is Ysuhiko Yamazaki.

I am a japansese independent journalist based on internet media.

I am also a political and social activist.

I am broadcasting everyday in Japanese【YYNewsLive】 except Saturday and 
Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in local time for more than 3 years and 8 months.

I started English broadcast once a week on Sunday since October 7, 2015
in order to talk directly to 1.4billions of English speakers around the 
to let them know the hidden and unknown truths on Japan and the world.

【Broadcast recording】 52m31s


So please find here-after the English blog editated from the broadcast 
scinario of yesterday,the 28st Feburary 2016.

【English Blog】

■The major media of Japan are conspiracy agencies manipulating public
opinion.They are never the news agencies!

One of the evidence is as below!

3 major Japanese media have recently carried out the national survey on
the support rate for the Abe cabinet by phone of 1000 people.

Kyodo Tushinn is 54%, Yomiuri Shimbun is 52% MainichiShimbunp is 51%.

They openly declared that the figures would be seen in the great lie.

These figures show that more than half of the japanese population are
supportingto thepolicies lead by the Abe cabinet.

But Who are really supporting to the Abe Cabinet who has accumulated the
mismanagement and committed the power crimnes for 4 and half years
since Shinzo Abe was tow times nominated as Prime Minister in 2006 and 2012.

These are the principal mismanagement and power crimes taht the Abe
Cabinet has committed for 4 and half years.

1)The Yen lost half of value for 3 years by his financial terrorism
"Abenomix",that has given the huge profits to the big export enterprises
such as Toyota.

2)On the other hand,the Yen losing half of value for 3 years by his
financial terrorism "Abenomix" has rised the prices of imported foods
and raw materials.

Japanese people became poorer than 3 years ago by higher prices and pay cut

3) By the financial terrorism "Abenomix", the Bank of Japan has printed
for 3 years 300 triillion of bills of Yen "the national asset" and
provided all of them to the private banks to make them buy the financial
products lile as stols and gouverment bonds.

The Bank of Japan gave to the private banks the huge profits.

4)Abe Cabinet has abandoned many victims of the Great Earthquakes of
Este Japan of 11th March 2011.

150,000 people are still living in temporary housing without enough help.

5)By the great earthquake of the East Japan of March 11 2011 followed by
Tsunami ,the power supply of the nuclear power plant of Fukushima were
completely destroied and lost the cooling systems of 4 reactors.

That has caused the dissolution of nuclear fuels and the ommision of the
large amountof radioactive material in the air, in the sole, in the
sousterranines waters ans in the Pacific Ocean.

The 2 million of residents of Fukushima Prefecture and 40 million of
of the other egions including Tokyoregions were contaminated by
radioactive exposition causes by the Fukushima Nucelar Accident.

The Abe Cabinet don't recognize the causal relationship between
health damages and radioactive expositin.

6)By the change of interpretation of the constitution,Abe Cabinet has
forced to establish "the war law" to let the Japanese Self-defense
Forces join ijn the american wars.

7)By th forced participa to the TPP, Abe Cabinet will destroy the national
economy by selling the independence and the sovereignity of Japan to the
US goverment and to the big american companies.

8)By the false name of "constitutional amendment," the Abe Cabinet will
replace the current Constitution with "The Great Empire Constitution "of

The Abe Cabinet will completely destroy the five basic principles 
indicated below
of the current Constitution.

(1)Sovereignty rests with the people


(3)Anti-War for Peace

(4)Respect of Individual Freedom & Fondamental Human-Rights

(5)Peaceful coexistence with neighboring countries

9)Shinzao Abe distributed to the foreign coutries 80 trillons of
Yen of national asset without authorization of the people.

10)In 2013,The Abe Cabinet has forced to establish the ptotection law of
secretsto be served for the suppression of the people.

11)The Abe Cabinet has forced the re-operation of nuclear power-plants
which have been stopped since the great acccident of nuclear
power-plants in Fukushima.

▼The major Japanese medeia are in the process of inducing the public opinion
by absolute lies saying that more than half of japanese people are
supporting thpolicies of Abe Cabinet who has committed bad managements
and power ctrimes.

The major japanese media indicated here-after are conspiracy agencies
manipulating public opinion and they are accomplice ofpower of crimes.

NHK (public TV & Radio )

Kyodo Tsushin (agence de nouvelles)

Jiji Tsushin (agence de nouvelles)

Yomiuri Shinbun - Nihon TV, Yomiuri TV

Asahi Shinbun - TV Asahi

Mainichi Shinbun - TBS TV

Nikkei Shinbun - TV Tokyo

Sankei Shinbun - Fuji TV


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Yasuhiko Yamazaki
e-mail: yampr7 at mx3.alpha-web.ne.jp

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