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Hello Everyone!

My name Ysuhiko Yamazaki.

I am a japansese independent journalist based on internet media.

I amalso a political and social activist.

I am doing everyday a Japanese broadcastYYNewsLiveevery day except
Saturday and Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in local time Japan for more than 3
years and 8 months.

I started English broadcast once a week on Wednesday since October 7, 2015
in order to talk directly to 1.4billions of English speakers around the
world to let them know the hidden and unknown truths on Japan and the world.

1)No1  54m09s   http://twitcasting.tv/chateaux1000/movie/244376945

So please find here-after the English  blog editated from the broadcast
scinarioof yesterday,the 21st Feburary 2016.

English Blog

To save the world from war, poverty, the financial crisis and
terrorism, the only solution would be to establish the regime of the
revolution by ordinary citizens and to execute the revolutionary policy.

If this is not done, the fate of ordinary people in the world would be a
great tragedy, as ever known in history, having lost billions of life by
atomic querre.

What follows is my appeal to all citizens of the world for uprising the
Revolution  of citizens.

It is required that the revolutinary citizens of each country must
uprise to fight and dismantle the 9 dominant powers established and
protected by the global ruling class, the international financial mafia
Jewish Rothschild.

1) dominant financial power

2) dominant military power

3) dominant religious power

4) dominant power of the emperor and the royal family

5) dominant political and bureaucratic power

6) dominant powers by big business

7) the dominant power by the media

8) dominant power through education

9) the dominant power by brainwashing

Among the 9 dominant powers, the largest and most powerful among them
is the first "the financial dominant power" which is the source of the
dominant powers of the international financial mafia Jewish Rothschild.
If we can dismantle the financial dominant power,the other 8 domiant powers
will be dismantled in the stampede!

To dismantle the financial power of the international financial mafia
Jewish Rothschild, therevolutionnare citizens regime of each country must
deprive the 3 credit creation privileges from the 3 power agencies like the Central
Bank,the private banks and the government

1) The revolutionary citizens regime of each country must nationalize
the Bank Central at 100% by depriving the currency issue rights and must transfer all
powers of decision to the National Assembly.The Central Bank will issue the bill for the
people ,not fot the private bank.

2) The revolutionary citizens regime must abolish the fraud system of
private banks of producing the money from nothing = the reserves
deposite system.All financial servicies will be replaced and insured by
the nationalized Central Bank without interest.

3) The revolutionary citizens regime must prevent Government and
the Finance Ministry the issue of gouverment bonds.

4) The debt piled by the issue of gouverment bonds by former regimes of
the Liberal-Democrat party in Japan must be transfered to the special
account to
stop the payment of principal and interest to the private banks.

5) For the accumulated debt of the state,the revolutionary citizens
regime must sssume the responsibility for the Prime Ministers,the
politicians,the financial bureaucrats of the governments, and successive
governors of the Central Bank andtop management of the private banks.

The revolutionary citizens of the world must dismentle the following
financial organizations
dominated by the internationa financial mafia Jewish Rothschild.

(1) BIS (Bank of International Settlements)
  Temple head of global financial power

(2) The International Monetary Fund (IMF)

(3) The World Bank

(4) The Asian Development Bank


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