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Hello! Everyone!

My name is Ysuhiko Yamazaki.

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I am also a political and social activist.

I started an English broadcast【YYNewsLiveEnglis】yestaday on 07th 
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The purpose of English broadcast is to talk directly to the 1.4billions 
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So please here-after the english blog from the scenario of English 
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【English Blog】

■If a President of the United States decides to issue the bills by his
gouverment in place of FRB(Fedreral Reserve Board) and bigins to
criticize the fraud system of the private banks, he will be crtainly
killed by the Jewish Rothschild International Financial Mafia.

【1】Among the American Presidents,two Presidents were killed because of
issuing the gouverment bills by deprivating  the Note issue rights from
the private banks orfrom the Central Bank controled and owned by the
Jewish Rothschild International Financial Mafia.

 The 6th President of the United Etas Abraham Lincoln (term of
Presidency 1861-1865 ,assassinated)

(He said) 

The government must issue the money for their circulation to finance the
cost ofthe government and everything necessary for connsomamtion of

The previllage produce and emmettre currency would not only be the only
previllage of government but also the most constructive luck of the

By integrating this principle, tax-payers could save immeasurable
amounts of interest.

The currency would become a human servant instead of the master to human

The Government bonds are not necessary.The bills issued by the
gouverment will promot the wealth of the nation who is originally
without debt and they would be only authorize.

The International finanicial power is able to exploit the nation in time
of peace and to conspire the conspiracy against the state at the time of

The International finanicial power is more despotic than monarchy, more
 self-indulgent than dictatorship.

The 35th President of Unaited-Stats John.F.Kennedy (term of Presidency
from 20th January 1961 to 22th November1963, assassinatde)

We can'nt find the direct mentions of the President John.F.Kennedy about
issuingthe gouverment bills.

(Here is an explination) 以下は説明です。

The President Kennedy signed on the 4th June 1963 to the Presidential
Decree No.11110 recoverring the right to issue the bills by the
government instead of the FRB.

President Kennedy was assasinated on 22th November 1963 at Dalas in
Texas on theoffcial visit.

After the assassination of the President, the bills of $ 4.3 billions
dollars issued by the Minister of Finance were immediately recovered.

【2】Among the American Presidents,one President was killed and one
Presiden was attemptede of assaination because they bigns to critisaize
the fraud systemof the private banksd controled and owned by the Jewish
Rothschild International Financial Mafia.

The 7th President of the United States Andrew Jackson (term of
Presidency from 1829 to 1837,atempted by assassination)

(He said)

Banks want to kill me, but I kill the bank. You are the dens of scheming
thieves.We will wipe out you. By the force of the eternal God, we will
surely sweepyou.

By the existence of the private central bank, our government will not
give profit to our citizens.

More than 8 million shares of the Central Bank are held by the
foreigners.The bank which is not exclusively linked to our country will
be a risk to commit our freedom and our independence.

The Privee Central Bank that controls our money in circulation receiving
public money with confidence and attracting more citizens would be
redutable andmore dangerous than the military forces of the enemy.

If the government focuses on its operating protejer all peoples in the
egaliter for the rich and for the poor as the natute gives rain and
showers in equality, the presenece government would be a gift from God.

Over a wide range it seems that it was unnecessary departure from this
principleby the previous presidents.

The 20th President of the United Etas James Garfield (term of 
Presidency 6 months from 4th Mach 1881 to 19th September 1881 Assassinated)

(He said)

The person who controls the amount of currency in circuration becomes
the absolute master of all industiry and commerce.

When the people knows that a small number of influential human beings in
the topcontrol very easily the whole system, the people will understand
naturallement the cause of inflation and recession.

In our country, those who control the money become the head of industrie
and commerce.


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