[CML 046185] 連邦議会上下両院の軍事委員会委員にメールを送ろう!

りょうこ baffydct at gmail.com
2016年 12月 27日 (火) 16:05:59 JST





*Senator/Representative + name*

I oppose the ongoing destruction of Okinawa’s environment to create a new
military base in Henoko, and believe you should too.

The base is against American interests and founding principles, as it is
being constructed in the face of overwhelming opposition from the Okinawan

Building it will also create a man made disaster over Henoko’s pristine
coral reef and its unique wildlife, which will be sealed under
three-quarters of a billion cubic feet of concrete.

The democratic solution to Okinawa’s base problem is to close the Marine
Corps base at Futenma and permanently remove it from the island.

Doing anything less will only inflame anti-base sentiment in Okinawa, and
lead to further bitterness and unrest.

Therefore, please commit yourself to reflect the will of the Okinawan
people in the National Defense Authorization Act and help stop the
construction of this destructive base.

Thank you

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