[CML 046076] 国連総会で平和への権利宣言が採択されました

Maeda Akira maeda at zokei.ac.jp
2016年 12月 20日 (火) 16:16:49 JST

前田 朗です。



Personalities of the world of art and culture promote a Declaration on 
the Right to Peace before the General Assembly of the United Nations

Paz sin Fronteras (PSF) is a movement inspired in the humanitarian work 
of its two top leaders, Miguel Bosé and Juanes; its purpose is to 
promote the construction of peace in the world through art, culture and 
the support of renowned musicians.

Today 19 December 2016, the Declaration has been ratified by the Plenary 
of the General Assembly. Previously, on 22 October, PSF began the 
campaign called #RightToPeaceNow by which well-known personalities urged 
Member States of the Third Committee of the General Assembly to adopt a 
Declaration on the Right to Peace.

Thanks to its social mobilization and the leading role played by a large 
NGO group, on 18 November 2016, the Third Committee General of the 
Assembly of the United Nations has adopted a Declaration on the Right to 
Peace by majority of its Member States.

During this campaign, several personalities of the world of culture and 
art have raised their voices to demand a Declaration on the Right to 
Peace through their media and social networks. They have expressed their 
support so that the process was definitively closed in New York with the 
adoption of a Declaration on the Right to Peace, such as occurred in 
this case.

After almost twenty years, the Declaration on the right to Peace has 
definitely been adopted. This longstanding humankind’s aspiration has 
finally realized within the framework of the General Assembly after its 
first serious attempt carried out by UNESCO in 1997.

The Declaration will pass to the UN history for being the first peace 
Declaration adopted by the General Assembly in this new Millennium, 
after the adoption of the Declaration and Programme of Action on Culture 
of Peace in 1999 by the same body.

PSF wants to thank all people, governments and institutions for having 
successfully ended this joint adventure in New York, which formally 
began at the HRC in Geneva in 2006. A long period of almost ten years of 
intensive work is closed forever.

This Declaration is the clear result of the important role played by 
some sectors of civil society and Universities for years, which have 
shown that genuine dialogue among all stakeholders and regional groups 
are the foundation of peace and understanding in the world.


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