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2014年 2月 6日 (木) 12:28:25 JST










日 時:2月6日(木)14:30〜15:30 ※配布資料の丁合作業があるので、来られる方は13時45分においでください!
場 所:貸し会議室「会議するなら」(港区新橋2-12-15・田中田村町ビル)5B 03-3273-1167 地図は




February 6, 2014
Press Release
“Women against Masuzoe for governor of Tokyo”
Rally announcement

"Women do not behave normally when on their periods." These are the abhorrent words of Tokyo gubernatorial candidate Masuzoe in an article entitled "Are we going to let the increasing number of Madonna lawmakers run Japan into ruins?"  that appeared in the October 1989 edition of entertainment magazine BIGMAN. This statement, arousing the absolute
contempt of women alike, is only the beginning of Masuzoe's stream of abusive remarks and verbal diarrhea. Overseas, comments by a politician like these they would have called into question his moral character, immediately leading to protest against him and demands for his removal from office.

Should a man with views of woman like this be elected as governor, there is no doubt there would be serious regressions in all of the policies regarding welfare, employment, empowering women, and child raising.

We can not accept a situation where Masuzoe is governor. We have decided to take a stand against Masuzoe's words and actions centering upon his discriminatory remarks against women. More women must know about the true nature of this man.

Day and Time: February 6 (Thursday) 14:30- 15:30 (Doors open at 14:15)

Place: Kashi kaigishitsu (conference room for hire) at Kaigi suru nara (If
you're gonna have a meeting..) (Minato-ku, Shinsaibashi 2-12-15 Tanaka
Tamuramachi Building 5B 03-3273-11670

Map: http://www.kaigisurunara.jp/download/map_shinbashi.pdf

About the rally: Focusing on Masuzoe's discriminatory remarks against
women, his actions and other statemtents will be introduced. This will be
followed by an appeal by the women in the organization and the messages we
have collected from other people.

Attendance requested by: Regular, everyday women who desire for Masuzoe not to be elected as governor

*For more about "Women against Masuzoe for governor of Tokyo" see below*

We launched our website on February 5, 2014.

Within 8 hours of its launch, 20,000 had accessed the site.

We have received endorsements from director Kamanaka Hitomi, Azumai Rei (Group for Working with TEPCO to Denuclearization), Maekita Miyako (Head of Sustena, an advertising company working for a sustainable future) and over 500 other supporters.

It is likely that we will reach over several thousand signatories by the 6th. In whatever way you can, please help us spread the word of our outrage with this situation.

For inquiries: Akiko Yoshida: 080-5173-0136  Kanna Mitsuta 090-6142-1807


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