[CML 016768] Request for support of animal rescue NGO in Fukushima

萩谷 良 liangroo at yahoo.co.jp
2012年 5月 1日 (火) 12:27:22 JST


The following is the request for support from Hoshi Family who are extending rescue to the animals left in Fukushima. Please spread the information as wide as possible.

It has been a year since we started rescuing animals in the exclusion zone but still many animals are left behind in the zone and many starved to death.  
We rescued in the zone about 150 days and 250 days in total.  We had to stay over nights inside of the exclusion zone on more than 80 trips.On the last April we were exposed under 100μSv/h sesium.  We hoped it would be done soon but it let us down and we kept rescuing animals.  
Leo was exposed more than 30mSv, I was exposed to more than 30mSv radiation, and Nishii san was more than 20mSv and SHirai san was about 15mSv. We cannot measure how much we got contamination inside but we have heard that if we got more than 1mSv inside then we might have some health problem.  But we could not stop rescuing because we saw the horrible situation inside of the zone.  
As of today we know Ookuma cho, Namie will be closed forever.  But we are on the black list of Off site center so it is very difficult to work with local residents.  Especially if these areas are closed completely we will be the only rescue group who can go enter the zone.  
So we would like to ask you a favor.  

We would like to have a whole body medical check so that we can check if we can continue rescuing animals inside of the zone.  Actually this is the Japanese government's job but we cannot get any support from the government.  So we would like to ask you to help support us to buy the counter.  
Whole body counter medical check 21,000 yens per a person.  Place:  Radiation Risk Research Center 

If you put a title "Sokutei" if you are transering the donation.
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Kichijoji Branch (branch code 845)
Account: Hiroshi Hoshi   / checking 7316452
We will report the results with pictures later on FB.

HOSHI FAMILYの活動も今までの活動日数は150日にもになりますが、延べでは250日、そのうち80回は日帰りでなく、警戒区域の中にとどまり警備を掻い潜り救援を続けてきました。初期の昨年4月は、高放射線に晒され、100μSv/hを超えるようなところで活動してきました。6月には放射線は下がってきましたが、それでも20μSv/hを超える中心部を活動地域としてきました。もうすぐ終わるだろう、もうすぐ終わるだろうという願いは空しく、そして今まで毎週のように警戒区域に入る日が続いてきました。

ホールボディーカウンター診療費 1名 ¥21,000 初回緊急測定を要する4名
送金口座 振込人末尾に「ソクテイ」と加えていただければ幸いです。
三井住友銀行 吉祥寺支店 (きちじょうじしてん 店コード845)
口座名義 ホシ ヒロシ
普通口座 7316452

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