[CML 015087] 「ファルージャで高い放射線を発する金属二片検出」(2.16)

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Health groups discover radioactive materials in Iraq Fallujah  16-02-2012 - 16:54 

 The industrial street in Fallujah District is subject to a radioactive contamination resulting from military operations that were carried out in the past years, a source told Alsumaria stressing that health authorities fear the outbreak of cancer diseases as a result of this contamination. 

 “Two metal pieces were the reason behind closing all shops in the industrial street of Fallujah District,” the source revealed. Regardless of how much the aforementioned statement sounds weird, it actually occurred when health groups in Anbar Province carried out a scan operation, in cooperation with the provincial Environment Department, where they discovered radioactive materials. This contamination is the result of military operations led in 2003 and 2004 by US forces, authorities in charge of the scan declared. 

 “We discovered 2 radioactive materials in the industrial street of Fallujah,” Fallujah governor Adnan Hussein advanced. “There have been birth defects and environmental pollution in the District,” Head of Health and Environment Committee in Anbar Province Taleb Hamadi stated stressing that this contamination is the result of military operations in Fallujah and Anbar. “We are all aware of parties behind these operations,” he added. 
ر The danger does not reside in these two metal pieces only, but in the fact that this phenomenon could cause cancer diseases to all inhabitants of the industrial street. “I supervised the formation of a specialized committee, in Fallujah Hospital, to examine all inhabitants of neighboring areas in order to discover any related diseases such as cancer that could be the result of exposure to radioactive materials,” Head of Fallujah Hospital Abdul Sattar Kazem advanced. 

 Shops owners in the industrial street assured that they are experiencing symptoms of cancer diseases, which translates fears of Health superiors in Fallujah. “There have been some birth defects here,” a citizen said urging the government to conduct a full scan of Fallujah territories. 

 Discovering radioactive materials in Fallujah should push the central government to sue the so-called parties involved in bringing these materials, members of Anbar Local government revealed. The support of Central Government to help us investigate the increase of cancer in the province is below expectations, Health authorities in the province pointed out. 


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