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2011年 3月 20日 (日) 03:33:00 JST







Ecologistas en Acci?n (Spain) -together with other social movements- is holding demonstrations in more than 30Spanish cities today (17th of March), one week after the earthquake in Japan

Also, together with rest of environmental NGOs, trade unions, parties, etc. we are holding a demonstration next SUNDAY 20th of March in MADRID. 

Also Portuguese NGOs are holding a antinuke concentration in Lisbon.

The French NGOs are movilizing also next SUNDAY at national but also at local level.

there are anti-nuclear events taking place on a daily basis all over Germany right now.

Monday 21.3, 18h there will be mobilisations in hundreds of cities.

On saturday 12.3, 60.000 people formed a human chain from the nuclear power station Neckarwestheim to the parliament in Stuttgart.
On monday 14.3 there were an estimated 110.000 people in 450 cities demonstrating for an immediate nuclear phase out. Next monday the demonstrations could turn out to be more massive.

Large mobilisations were planned anyway in the run up to the 25th Chernobyl anniversary. The unfolding events in Japan are currently drawing in large numbers of people saying "enough!".

The mood is unpredictable right now.

The elections coming up play an important role and are unfortunately channeling quite a lot of of the energy. The current pro-nuclear government is fearing massively losing votes due to their policies, and are desperately trying to appease the uproar. 7 nuclear power plants have been shut down "temporarily" for safety inspection. (Some of them will be shut down forever). But this electoral manoeuvring is too transparent, the political mood is tense. Meanwhile people are gearing up to take the streets, at least this is what we're doing in our city, and I guess that's what happening in many other cities in Germany and Europe.

In Geneva we are demonstrating on saturday the 26th for the same reason. (And of course because the Swiss are a little slow... :) )

In Turkey demonstrations are also on 19th :

There is a anti-nuclear demonstration in Bulgaria (Sofia), on 19-th, 11h. In front of the Ministry of energy,economy and truism. Also, on 26th we are organizing the first conference of Balkan Anti-nuclear Coalition (establish conference).

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