[CML 005831] 国連人権理事会、法と慣行における女性差別に関する作業部会を設置決議

maeda akira maeda at zokei.ac.jp
2010年 10月 4日 (月) 11:35:51 JST

前田 朗です。




In a resolution (A/HRC/15/L.15) regarding the elimination of
discrimination against women, adopted without a vote, the Council calls
upon States to fulfil their obligations and commitments to revoke any
remaining laws that discriminate on the basis of sex and remove gender
bias in the administration of justice, taking into account the fact that
those laws violate the human right of women to be protected against
discrimination; recognizes that women’s inequality before the law has
resulted in the lack of equal opportunities for women in education,
access to health, economic participation, access to labour markets and
disparities in salaries and compensation, public and political
participation, access to decision-making processes, inheritance,
ownership of land, financial services, including loans, and nationality
and legal capacity, as well as increased vulnerability to discrimination
and violence, and that all countries face challenges in these areas;
emphasizes the significant role that women play in economic development
and in the eradication of poverty, and stresses the need to promote
equal pay for equal work or work of equal value and for promoting the
recognition of the value of women’s unremunerated work, as well as for
developing and promoting policies that facilitate the reconciliation of
employment and family responsibilities; calls upon States to pay
particular attention to discrimination against women in situations of
vulnerability, such as women living in poverty, migrant women, women
with disabilities, and women belonging to minorities; decides to
establish, for a period of three years, a working group of five
independent experts, of balanced geographical representation, on the
issue of discrimination against women in law and practice; requests the
working group to contribute to the provision of technical assistance or
advisory services by the Office of the High Commissioner to better
promote the elimination of discrimination against women; requests the
Secretary-General and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human
Rights to provide all the necessary human and financial assistance to
the Working Group for the effective fulfilment of its mandate; and
decides to continue consideration of this question in conformity with
the annual programme of work of the Council.

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