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2010年 5月 25日 (火) 07:01:07 JST

In good news “Following lobbying efforts by the Italian Coalition Against
Carmel-Agrexco, two major Italian supermarket chains, COOP and Nordiconad,
announced the suspension of sales of products from Agrexco, the principal
exporter of produce from Israel and the illegal Israeli settlements in the
Occupied Palestinian Territories.” (over 6,200,000 members and annual
revenue of €11.8 billion).  And the world is holding its breath as a
flotilla of ships with lots of supplied an hundreds of decent people try to
break the siege on Gaza again.  See and support:  http://www.freegaza.org
<http://www.freegaza.org/>   http://www.flickr.com/photos/freegaza
ACTION: Right of Return and One Secular Democratic State event in Bethlehem
area to parallel with the Haifa conference (http://www.ror1state.org/awda/
): In conjunction with this weekend’s Haifa conference regarding right of
return and a one state solution, a two-day parallel event will be held in
the Bethlehem area, May 28th and 29th.   The event, to be held at the
Alternative Information Center in Beit Sahour, will feature a Friday evening
link-in to the Haifa conference. A panel discussion is scheduled for
Saturday (More details to be sent to those interested).  Overnight
accommodations are available.  For information, contact Mazin at Qumsiyeh.org 
Twilight Zone on Capitol hill (or should I say Israeli occupied Congress of
the US).  Watch this groveling to AIPAC as an additional US $205 million is
given to the apartheid state from US tax payers 
Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
A Bedouin in Cyberspace, a villager at home
http://www.qumsiyeh.org <http://www.qumsiyeh.org/>      
Professor, Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities
Chairman of the Board, Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People,
http://www.pcr.ps <http://www.pcr.ps/> 
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