[CML 005379] ベツレヘムのTent of Nationsからお礼と報告

Yasuaki Matsumoto y_matsu29 at ybb.ne.jp
2010年 8月 24日 (火) 05:38:17 JST

みなさまへ(転送歓迎) 松元@パレスチナ連帯・札幌


Tent of Nations http://www.tentofnations.org/から朗報が届きました。ことし5月28日の家屋破壊命令が申し渡されたときにお知らせして、多くのみなさまから激励と抗議のメールが寄せられたと思います。拙訳ですがお届けします。



本当にありがとうございます。Tent of Nationsの状況に、電話やE-mailなどでご心配いただいたことを感謝申し上げます。正義のためにTent of Nationsの苦しい闘いをサポートし関わってくださっ 









Tent of Nations 責任者


Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your phone calls, your E-mails and your concerns about 
the situation of the Tent of Nations.  It is wonderful to see people like 
you who are committed to support the Tent of Nation’s struggle for justice.

Our latest news was about the legal actions we took in order to stop the 
demolishing orders for our renovations and structures.  We brought this case 
to the Israeli Supreme Court and our appeal to freeze the demolishing orders 
was accepted.  This freeze was also because of the pressure that came from 
all over the world.  Your E-mails and responses made a big difference; thank 
you so much for your solidarity.  The Supreme Court gave the Israeli 
authorities a time limit of 60 days, through the 3rd of August, to comment 
on our protest.  The 60 days limit passed over, and we didn't hear yet 
anything from the Israeli Authorities.

The demolishing orders are now frozen.  According to the law, the Israeli 
Authorities are not allowed to take actions and demolish our structures 
before the Supreme Court makes a decision about that.  In order for the 
Supreme Court to decide, the Israeli Military Authority has to respond to 
our appeal against the demolishing orders.  At the time the Military 
Authority responds to the Supreme Court, our Lawyer will receive a time 
limit to appeal against whatever the Israeli Military Authority is giving 
for reasons why to demolish our renovations and structures.

This process is going to take between one and two years before the Israeli 
Supreme Court will come to a decision.  The whole process is going to cost 
us more than $15,000 for legal fees.  We are going on and defending our 
rights legally, even if it is hard, long and costly.  We hope and pray that, 
at the end, justice will prevail.

We would like to ask you to stay in touch with us and inform others about 
our case.  I will let you know if and when actions may need to be taken from 
your side.

Please keep us in your daily prayers.  Thank you so much for all your 
support and solidarity.

Blessings and Salaam,


Daoud Nassar


Tent of Nations

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