[CML 001789] 深刻な暴力被害を受けたアフガン女性の映像

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2009年 10月 24日 (土) 13:19:43 JST

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Afghanistan - Videos - Women & Girl Victims of Severe Violence

February 14, 2008: Nose and ear of Nafisa is cut off by her husband in
Herat province in Western Afghanistan. She says her husband is addicted
and also burned her child by hot water. She described her terrible life
with her husband in the past 10 years and asks for her divorce.

Feb.24, 2008: 22-year-old Fatima who has been abused and injured by her
cruel husband in Herat - Western Afghanistan. Her toes were cut off by
her husband, she was burnt by hot water, he hair were pulled, and
according to a doctor of a local hospital in Herat: "This woman claims
to be beaten up by her husband around two months ago, according to our
investigation, signs of beatings and injuries are seen all over the
body. Now she is hospitalized in the women's ward."

Dec. 31, 2008: Rape victims demand severe punishments for the people
involved in the crime. Two Afghan girls, thirteen and twelve years old,
were gang-raped by powerful men and regional commanders in Sar-e-Pul
about four months back. They say that till now no measures have been
taken against the people who had raped them. They demanded justice from
the government and legal and judicial bodies. Increasing cases of rape,
especially those of children, have greatly worried people in the
country. Human rights organizations have also expressed concern over the
terrible aftermath of the rapes.

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