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2009年 10月 14日 (水) 19:24:57 JST

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Russell Tribunal on Palestine: NEWS UPDATE (13/10/09)

The Goldstone report fiasco of the last few weeks has reinforced our
opinion that only a Peoples/citizen led tribunal will enable public
opinion to expose Israel's crimes and international community complicity.

Richard Falk once said, during a speech in Rome on 22 May2009 :”It would
appear that only civil society has the combination of will and
capability to respond affirmatively to the challenge of
accountability[...] it would be constructive to mount the sort of effort
pioneered by the Basso Foundation, the Permanent Peoples Tribunal and
the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, in relation to the Gaza events.
If well-organized, such an initiative would provide a comprehensive and
reliable documentation of allegations relating to war crimes, and would
at least offer a symbolic set of responses to the challenge of

Two very important events have therefore being put together by the
Russell Tribunal on Palestine:

On 16 December a preparatory seminary will take place in Brussels (full
programme will follow shortly). This seminary's goal is to show public
opinion that even if Israel has been found guilty of breaches of
international law many times in the past, inaction from the EU, UN and
other third parties has allowed Israel to continue to act in total
impunity. By exposing this, we will emphasise on the need for a public
opinion tribunal such as the Russell Tribunal in Palestine to take
place, building momentum for the Barcelona session of March 2010.

We have invited people that have worked on the Goldstone report
(Christine Chinkin), the Arab League “Dugard” report (Paul de Waart) and
the 2004 ICJ advisory opinion (Francois Dubuisson). Also present will be
French ambassador Stephane Hessel, Pierre Galand, Leila Shahid, Marcel
Francis Khan and former Dutch prime minister Dries Van Agt.
Representatives from National Support Committees will also take part
explaining to the audience the work that has already been done in
various countries.

Then, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of March the first international session
of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine will take place in Barcelona. We
are at the moment working on the agenda of the session and the jury. We
have so far found 3 members:

-Judge Juan Tapia Guzman
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juan_Guzm%C3%A1n_Tapia> from Chile

-QC Michael Mansfield <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Mansfield>
from England

-Gisele Halimi <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gis%C3%A8le_Halimi> from France

We are also honoured to now be able to count film director Costa Gavras
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Costa_Gavras> has one of our patrons (see
full list here:

The most important people in this tribunal are yourselves. We cannot do
much without your support and help. If you feel that you are able to
financially support our initiative, please make an online donation here:

It is also primordial that you spread the word. Post links on your
websites, blogs, twitter, facebook and mention the Russell Tribunal on
Palestine to friends and colleagues.

We need professional media people in Brussels and Barcelona (principally
cameramen with gear and Production assistants) that will be able to film
seminary and session. We will cover for expenses but cannot pay at the
moment. If you're able to help in this field, send us an email, please.

Media coverage is very important. If you work for a TV (BBC, Al Jazeera,
Press TV...) or internet broadcaster (GRITtv, Deep Dish TV, Democracy
Now...) please contact us as well.

Many thanks for your support,

In solidarity

Frank Barat


Russell Tribunal on Palestine

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