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2009年 12月 7日 (月) 23:06:45 JST




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Dear friend Yoshi san

Thank you for your response
and my story is:
I was sleep with my wife and kids and wake up because my
was puting water on the fire and i found my kids(they were
in other
room)were in the middile of very very heavy smok and I was
very very
shocked and I felt that was bad dream ...... but it wasn't
it was reality and I lost every thing Im just thinking of
my kids and
try to save them only
, it was dark  and black smoke and I was trying to find my
kids by my
hand and I found one by one and save them by taking them
to the
balcony because there is no way to take them down stairs
because of
fire and I was waiting my naghboors to finish the fire and
the main
door of my house was very strong and toke long time to
broken it by my
friends to finish the fire ...... and way friends
It take around one houre to finish the fire , after that I
went to
down stairs with my kids and found my home get burn down
and the smoke
mark was every where and the more water was on the gorund
and every
think get destroyed by fire .
I don't know what can i do ......?????
My kids was crying and my wife was shocked and every one
feel cold
very cold weather
that fiew remind me in what happened in Falluja and what
every where in Iraq because of occupation and I asked the
god to help
me to pass that hard time
and I asked our god to help every one in same sitiuation
to pass it
and to help every one to live in peace and feel peace
and I became homeless for more than 10 days and im still
prepare my
home to back live in
but my wife and kids still feel afraid from that time and
im still in
the middile
so im very buzy now to prepare my home and to be near of
my family
so forgive me for my late reply
and for the reason of fire ..... I don't know yet
I have no one hate me
I don't have any problem with any one
Im just man working as journalist and want to live in
but I guess , it was electricity spark  cause that fire
... may be im not sure
any way friend
thank of god for every thing happened to me and to my
family because I
have my big family home to stay in for this time even with
mess  , I
don't where is all my things is????
clothes , books , some journalisim equipments ... etc
I think every thing is burn down
but thank of god again and again for every thing happened
because it
was less than what happened in heroshima before and it was
less than
what happened in Falluja

I preciate all your  e-mail friend
I was thinking to send you email of what happened because
you will
make this disaster less on me
so thank you friend

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