[sustran] A number that takes your breath away!

Cornie Huizenga cornie.huizenga at slocatpartnership.org
Tue Jan 31 00:27:00 JST 2012

Dear All,

>From time to time you come across a number that takes your breath away. I
just had another one of those. The last few months we have been working on
getting sustainable transport on the Rio+20 agenda.  As part of this we
looked at the current spending by Multilateral Development Banks on
Transport projects.  We were quite impressed by the total number that came
up at the end: somewhere between $ 25 and $ 30 billion in 2010.  Mind you
this includes all transport spending, the sustainable projects and the
not-so sustainable ones: the BRTs, the metro's, the rural roads and the
highways.   Then just now I came across the estimated advertising budget of
major auto companies in 2009 in a recent EMBARQ report:

$ 21 billion dollars (mind you that does not include advertising for fuel).

You can see the smile on the face of the auto manufacturers and the
advertising agencies when they see our efforts to promote sustainable
transport :-(


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