[sustran] Jaipur BRT - Success, Failure or something in between?

Alan Howes alan at ourpeagreenboat.co.uk
Sat Jan 14 23:46:28 JST 2012

At http://www.trafficinfratech.com/jaipur_brts/ there is an article " JAIPUR
BRTS; When a good idea goes off track
". The article portrays Jaipur BRT as
a failure, and purports to say "What went wrong". Except it doesn't.

It does give what it claims are the reasons for failure, but does not
indicate WHAT is wrong with the BRT. Such as - 

- Are the buses not running fast enough or reliably enough? Are they not
providing sufficient capacity? Are they not attracting enough passengers, or
the right sort of passengers? Are the capital or operating costs out of
control? Or is the problem that having taken space from the highway, there
are unacceptable levels of congestion for other traffic (and who decides
what is "unacceptable"?).

Elsewhere (http://www.cseindia.org/userfiles/darshini_mahadevia.pdf) , I
found a quote "Indian urban elites do not want to share urban resources with
poor including road space. Hence it take long time for the cities to get
convinced on systems like appropriate BRT Model. (e.g resistance to Delhi
BRT and selection of the most convenient corridor in Ahmedabad as a pilot.)"

I rather wonder if this may be the problem in Jaipur - the wrong criteria
are being used for "success", and/or there are those who wish BRT to be seen
as a failure.

Comments, anyone?

Regards, Alan

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