[sustran] Smuggling of China Made Bicycles Kills Pakistan Industry

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  Smuggling of China Made Bicycles Kills Pakistan Industry


*ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- The Pakistani bicycle production is under heavy 
pressure facing a huge overcapacity. In 2011 the total production 
declined by more than 25% to 284,865 units related to 2010. In 2006 the 
Pakistani bicycle industry still had an output of 449,400 units while 
the total capacity is 1.45 million bicycles per year.*

The downturn in bicycle production is a result of a trend to use more 
motorcycles instead of bicycles in Pakistan. According to local 
retailers people prefer light motorcycle over bicycles, even for a short 
distance. As claimed by the retailers the mass smuggling of very cheap 
Chinese bicycles is another reason for the decline in production. They 
urged the government to take appropriate measures to save the indigenous 
bicycle industry.

Although Pakistan is still regarded an important manufacturer of 
bicycles the usage per capita is very low as compared to countries like 
India and China. Only 20 years ago it was common to have at least one 
bicycle in every household. At that time children used bicycles for 
school going, and for the purpose of distributing al sorts of products. 
In the last decade people shifted to motorcycles.

This resulted in a sharp decrease in demand of bicycles across the 
country and ultimately the production of the bicycles dropped sharply, 
especially during the last decade.

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