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It is important that we know what is the taxation, reg fee, license fee etc
. all put together on purchase of cars
what I know is that in Singapore , it is 120% duty on purchase
In addition , u have to buy number plate from the existing user who will
sell it to make money by surrendering his right to won a car
I understand that it varies between $3000 to $4000
In addition there is an annual tax
and then there are parking charges and congestion pricing as u pass crowded

In Sri Lanka, they have lowest import duty of 50% on hybrid cars such as
Prius and very high duty on large diesel cars at 250% and others come in
between these two . This enourages people to buy low emission cars

similarly, it would be help to know  what is the total pricing for a car in
china that govt authorities collect one time as well as every year
I understand that reg fee in Shanghai is 55% of purchase value , In Mumbai
it is 7% for individuals and for corporate buyers it is 11% one time at the
time of purchase

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