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*No respite from bone-rattling rides*

Civic authorities in the State capital appear to have mastered the art of
procrastination. When the twin cities received bountiful rains last month,
the condition of many of the internal and main roads had worsened so much
that there was an instant public uproar. The authorities, who went on
dilly-dallying in their decision to repair the roads, took up patch works to
some extent. Their assurance was that they would take up re-carpeting of
roads once the rains stopped. Well! The rains did stop, but now none seemed
to remember their earlier assurance of re-carpeting the roads. The joy of
driving on relatively better roads appears only to be a distant dream and
the common man continues to put up with bad roads. Strange is the short
memory of the elected representatives who do not seem to be bothered about
the road conditions now.

Perhaps, the ‘neta log' just like the ‘babudom' travel in sports utility
vehicles which can take the strain of travelling on worst roads yet offer
excellent comfort to the travellers so much so that they fail to experience
the bone-rattling rides. Shouldn't they be forced to travel in city buses
and auto rickshaws like ‘aam janta' to make them feel the stress?

Power cuts can be annoying but at times they can give relief from the
marathon speeches at functions. This was pointed out by none other than
former Finance Secretary B.P.R. Vithal. He was invited as a chief guest to
release a booklet on ‘Hyderabad's Elevated Metro Rail – the undoing of the
city and its public transport' by Citizens for a Better Public
Transportation. After the dignitaries delivered their lectures, Mr. Vithal
was invited to address the gathering. While he was about to begin his
speech, the auditorium plunged into darkness following disruption in power

“This is a good ploy to restrict dignitaries from delivering lengthy
speeches,” said Mr. Vithal, leaving the audience in splits.

It was fruity talk all the way at the inaugural of ‘Seetaphal Show 2010'

Additional Secretary of Agriculture and former Joint Collector N. Mukteshwar
Rao had everyone guessing when he uttered the term ‘fruiterian'. Agriculture
Production Commissioner A.K. Goel who was by his side, bemusedly demystified
it saying, “He means those who eat fruits.” Mr. Rao was not done yet with
his fruit propaganda. “We take frunch,” he said, “We don't take lunch!”
Belly laughs followed from the assembled ‘fruiterians'. The custard apples
present not far away might have blushed too.

Police often boast of cracking complex cases in short time. Strangely, they
take unusually long time in finalising what looks like open and shut cases.
A classic example is that of alleged misbehaviour of Kushaiguda Inspector
with a woman protestor a fortnight ago.

The woman protestor cited visuals aired by TV news channels showing the then
Inspector T. Manohar Reddy manhandling her to substantiate her charge. The
Alwal DCP inquired and submitted a report immediately.

The Cyberabad police higher-ups, however, for some inexplicable reasons,
have not yet come to a conclusion if the Inspector was at fault or the
complainant made false allegation. Does that mean this is the most
intriguing case they ever faced?



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