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Dear Mr. Wright,

Mobility Budget is measured either in time spent in daily trips using 
Marchetti constant or Per capita mobility used by poorer countries with low 
ecological footprints like India. Use of Marchetti constant in sustainable 
transport is illustrated in Newman, Peter, & Kenworthy, Jeffrey. (2006). 
Urban Design to Reduce Automobile Dependence. Opolis, 2(1). 
We use per capita mobility and distribute it amongst available modes. Though 
no agreed basis exists, distribution is made as 60% PT (Road/rail) and 40% 
NMT and private vehicles. With road length of 0.6 m/capita, proportion of 
NMT predominates.

HRT systems of Hong Kong and Tokyo, as per UITP,  provide for a capacity of 
8000 seat kms/capita/year which works out to roughly 40% of 20000 kms/capita 
year mobility planned by them. Current Indian mobility is around 10,000 pkm 
which is likely to rise to 13000 pkm/capita/annum by 2020. I presume the ADB 
will work on the millennium goals for sustainable development as adopted by 

 With regards,

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P.s. You might refer to article B : OVERVIEW OF URBANISATION TRENDS IN 
CHINA. RECENT PAST TRENDS. by Dr. E.G. Prior who was in Charge of Urban 
development of Hong Kong till recently. His strategies may apply to many 
countries facing rapid urbanisation like India.

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> Dear K P Padiyar,
> Many thanks.  The Marchetti article is quite an interesting and
> thought-provoking read.
> Although these materials did not directly answer my question, as I read
> through the documents, I did have a thought on how I can proceed.  I can
> take some of the typical distances from the February 1987 report and use 
> my
> existing data on the number of trips to make an estimate.
> Your help is most appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Lloyd

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