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Dear all,


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is currently investigating future scenarios
for sustainable transport market penetration.  This effort is part of a
programme to develop new funding mechanisms.


In order to conduct this analysis, ADB is seeking to establish baseline mode
shares.  While there is significant country and city specific mode share
data on a vehicle-km or passenger-km basis for motorised modes, very little
exists for non-motorised transport (NMT) modes.  


Instead, NMT mode share is typically expressed on a "per trip" basis.  Both
the Millennium Database of UITP and the various NMT mode share studies
collected by CAI-Asia provide NMT data only on a "per trip" basis.


We would like to request if anyone has any data for the following:


1.       NMT mode share (walking, cycling, pedicabs, etc.) as a percentage
of total distance travelled; or,

2.       Average distance travelled per NMT trip; or,

3.       Total average NMT distance travelled in a day.


Ideally, this data would be for Asian cities, but at this stage, data from
any city would be appreciated.


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