[sustran] Re: Update with the officials in Hyd : Oct 1, 2010

Kanthi Kannan kanthikannan at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 18:51:01 JST 2010

Dear all




Update with the discussions of the Zonal commissioner, Central Zone, GHMC


1. The GHMC has in principle agreed to fund the expenses of a walkability
survey conducted by the R2W for the entire central zone. 


2. The GHMC is also in the process of calling for an expression of interest
with interested parties for a revenue model of the walkways. 


3. The GHMC in principle has agreed that all main roads of the city can be
monitored by the local area people and that it was willing to constitute a
pedestrian safety cell to monitor this on a daily basis.


For each of the above what are the issues?


1. For us to conduct a walkability survey, we need to take the help of the


A. Architects

B. Urban Planners

C. Civil Society

D. Students

E. Others


The survey conducted by us will only to point out the various issues on the
walkway and it will up to the GHMC to take it up for implementation. Though
in principle the GHMC has agreed that implementation will be done once a
part of the survey is completed


2. We have submitted to the GHMC a draft of the EOI and we wait for the
clearance from the commissioner for its notification


3. For this I think we need to get the residential welfare associations
involved and try and check if the residents of colonies alongside the main
roads and even the shop keepers on the main roads get involved in such an


As has been pointed out very often, the issue of walkways is extremely
complex and also benefits every one but I think that we have been unable to
project it as a useful thing even for shop keepers because of the rising
pollution from transport


Regarding the traffic police, the suggestion that has come from the traffic
police head is that we go prepared with simple changes that can be done at
about 4/ 5 junctions and he commits to those changes


Please do send in your thoughts as soon as possible and also whether of the
agencies here would be interested in partnering the R2W. 









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