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Brendan Finn etts at indigo.ie
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Dear Paul,

Thanks for that link, it really captures it.

Don't you agree that it just flows? Everyone gets through so much quicker than if there were traffic signals, and you get no tailbacks. Of course, it gives the screaming heebie-jeebies to people who must always have their cutlery properly arranged, creases in their newspapers, and everything just 'so', but to the people who are in the thick of it, they're just getting on with it.

As it happens, I shot a similar video last summer in Urumqi, except there's also a pedestrian crossing going through it which is freely used by the cars doing u-turns. I started to video it to show people how bad the traffic and driving was. After 10 minutes of filming I realised that it all worked rather well, and felt suitably humbled about my prejudices.

With best wishes, 

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  A wonderful video clip of an Indian intersection working in ways most
  traffic engineers would never imagine in their wildest dreams. If you
  have never seen traffic in South Asia then this might come as something
  of a shock. 

  > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjrEQaG5jPM


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