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Jack Mallinckrodt mally at ieee.org
Sat Mar 29 15:40:35 JST 2003

At 05:50 PM 3/28/03, Debi Goenka wrote:

>Incidentally, how does one fix a cost/value for bus lanes on existing

JM: Instead of cost in $ for the right-of-way, one can figure the "cost" in 
terms of general road capacity foregone by the ROW taking.   In the case of 
the Orange County (CA) Centerline elevated light rail system, for example, 
it was computed that at average utilization for these streets, the  one 
lane x 24.7 miles length taken from surface arterial streets for the 
stanchions,  would have carried  31,000 person-trips per day. In the build 
alternative, the light rail system was projected to serve 17,400 
person-trips per day, for a net loss of capacity of 13,000 person-trips per 

These findings were confirmed in another way by the traffic analysis which 
found that the light rail system would actually make traffic congestion 
worse at the 100 or so intersections and links for which congestion effects 
were calculated.


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