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Kerry Wood kerry.wood at paradise.net.nz
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I don't know of a rule of thumb, and I suspect that there cannot be one.

As one dimension of the park increases, the best layout will tend to go from
angle parking to right angle parking, then back to angle parking with an
additional row of buses. Would you accept backing out, or require drive-in,
drive-out? You might just have to draw out the options.

You could save a great deal of space if the last buses in could fill the
aisles, then be the first buses out (but with some spare spaces for buses that
were late in but not going out next day).

Another option would be angle or right angle parking in tandem pairs or threes,
with each group operating first-in, first-out.

Happy draughting


Alan Patrick Howes wrote:

> Can anyoone give me a rule-of-thumb figure for the parking area requirement
> of a standard 12 metre bus, allowing for manoeuvring in and out, and
> assuming buses cannot be "stacked"? In other words, a factor to apply to
> calculate the capacity of a bus park based on its area (assuming it is
> reasonably square).
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